The new Battle Royale game from Activision, Call of Duty: Warzone has broken the six million player mark in its first 24 hours after launch. After just 4 more days, they have managed to almost triple that number.

Cod Warzone
Call of Duty Warzone with all its innovations and creativity, has been growing at an explosive rate, surpass all its predecessors.

In comparison, EA's free to play Apex Legends Battle Royale attracted only three million in its first day and 7 million more 72 hours later. While these are still massive numbers, Call of Duty is clearly superior. Apex reached the 50 million players mark a month later, however, and it is yet to be seen if Warzone would be able to surpass that number. While there are impressive numbers, there's still a while until the game could be considered a threat to Fortnite's hegemony over the Battle Royale scene. Epic's game has just surpassed the 250 million players mark again.

Cod Warzone Gulag
1vs1 Gulag match

The strength of Warzone is its player count: 150 players would be able to go against each other in an even bigger map than the usual Battle Royale zone. The count is likely to hit 200 or even 250 later - as 250 was Activision's original plan. There are two modes in the game, with battle royale being the default "loot and shoot" action and Plunder being a weird "quest FPS", with you going around collecting money through loot and contracts. You can also steal money from other players as well.

Call Of Duty Warzone Tips 2
You would be playing in a squad of 3 in Warzone instead of going solo

The other part that people like about this game is probably the Gulag. Instead of getting reduced into an observer after dead, you would be teleported into a 1vs1 map - the player who won the fight would be instantly respawned.

The game can be played on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, either as a DLC for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, or a standalone. If you already have Modern Warfare, the update would only be 22GB - if you haven't, the full size of Warzone could reach 80GB. For more info about the Gulag in Warzone, please check out this article.