Call of Duty: Warzone is the new free-to-play take on the saturated market of Battle Royale from Activision, but it has managed to bring some new twists on the genre. As a result, the free battle royale part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is soaring in popularity, attracting 1.5 crore players worldwide only after 3 days of release.

As the game is very new, some people are having a difficult time catching up with its new features, especially its innovative reviving mechanic, which might cause confusion and disappointment at the start. But don't worry, as we're here to give you the 10 Call of Duty Warzone tips that will help you win more matches in this game.

Remember to bookmark this Call of Duty Warzone tips for beginners, and open it every time you queue in your CoD: Warzone match to revise what you'll have to keep in mind. And if you're wondering about how to download the game and what are the PC requirements for it, check for other articles on as well as our section for the game here.

Be sure to watch how the game looks like through the short trailer above first to catch its concept. And without further ado, let's get right into the first tip:

Call of Duty Warzone Tips #1: You might be down, but not eliminated yet!

This sounds very ordinary and obvious for a battle royale game, since all of us, know that in games like PUBG, Fortnite and Apex Legends, your teammates can revive you under certain circumstances when you're knocked down. But this is a completely different story with Call of Duty: Warzone, as there's actually a way to resurrect yourself without the help of your teammates!

cod warzone tips and tricks
You can fight to get your second chance in this game

To be more specific, there's a special independent arena in each game of CoD: Warzone called 'Gulag'. It's the place where the players who have died for the first time are taken into, and in there, they'll be put in a 1v1 match, and the winner will respawn again! Even though it will only happen with your first death, that's still your second chance to stay alive again, so don't put your guard down yet!

Call of Duty Warzone Tips #2: Please, use the ping system more frequently

The Ping system is not the feature that you can find in battle royale games, as PUBG is lack of this useful mechanics. It only came into life after Fortnite and Apex Legends, and Activision has learned from the predecessor to bring it to Call of Duty: Warzone.

call of duty warzone tutorial
You can practice pinging while waiting for the lobby

Pinging your teammates does not only help with your team communication but also a great way to keep you focus on your target as well. So, even though you can still talk to them with the voice chat feature, we still highly recommend exploiting this 'ultimate' feature to win more Warzone Victory!

The default key combination to open the Ping system is ALT+ left cursor. From there, you can choose to ping and inform your teammates about the place you want to go, an item (by aiming your cursor will holding ALT), and most importantly, the enemies by pointing at them with ALT, or hit the button twice to mark the location you're in doubt that there are enemies in.

call of duty warzone tips for beginners
You can ping a location, an item or a specific enemy with just the ALT button!

Call of Duty Warzone Tips #3: Mount. Your. Weapon

This is not the first time that I reminded you to mount your weapon in Call of Duty: Warzone, and it will definitely not my last time either. This feature is only available here in Activision's warzone, and it's super, super effective and could change the outcome of the whole match.

call of duty warzone strategy
Mounting your gun will partially eliminate the recoil of your gun

If you haven't heard of this yet, it's actually a mechanism allowing you to put your gun firmly on a solid material. It could be a wall, a car or any obstacles that you can reach on the map. Doing so will help even the most recoiling gun to gain incredible stability in exchange for mobility, and will help you kill more in certain situations especially ambushing.

At the same time, mounting your weapon is extremely easy. The only thing you need to do is press 'Z' (by default) while reaching a solid object, and there will be a 'Mount Weapons' notification to remind you to do that. This feature is kind of unfamiliar for an FPS game, so I understand that you might not used to it for the first time. However, it's incredibly useful, so practice every time you can!

tips for call of duty warzone
Press 'Z' near a solid object to mount your gun

Call of Duty Warzone Tips #4: Always try to complete every Contract

The Contract system in Call of Duty: Warzone is basically a side-quest system, which rewards you with a lot of EXP and significant money on completion. The money will be used in a lot of circumstances in a match including rescue your teammates, so it's very crucial to gather as much as you can. And the Contracts are the best way to do so.

To be more specific, the Contracts is the special mission requiring your team to gather the needed items to complete. There are three types of Contracts, including Scavenger (you and your teammate successfully open 3 chests at certain locations), Recon (occupy and scout a certain area within a limited amount of time), and Bounty (kill a specific person, whose information will be hinted by the game).

Call Of Duty Warzone Tips
The contract mission gives you a lot of money and XP

All three of the Contracts will have their own difficulties, but all of them give you a hefty amount of rewards, as well as new experiences that you couldn't find in other Battle Royale titles. So, what are the reasons to avoid fulfilling them?

Call of Duty Warzone Tips #5: Treasure your Gulag matches, but don't quit on losing too soon

As I've mentioned, the Gulag system is your second chance to join the battle without the help of your teammate, so that's where you'll have to show off everything you own. To be more specific, you'll be taken to a random place on the island with another player. You will also receive random loadouts for the battle, and you'll need to use it to rejoin the battle.

cod warzone tips and tricks
Everything you're given in the Gulag is random

It's the greatest chance of getting a hot shower and join the arena again, but if you lost your first chance of redemption, don't quit the game just yet. In fact, your teammate can still bring you back to life by using their bounty at the Buy Station, and if you can hold on to the battle, it couldn't be a better chance for you and your team to secure a Warzone Victory.

Call of Duty Warzone Tips #6: Customize your 'Custom Loadouts', and go for it if you can!

Like many other Battle Royale, Call of Duty: Warzone also contains the random drop mechanic. However, it's less random and more customizable in this game, as they called them the Loadouts that will give you what you have wanted prior to the battle. In detail, you can choose some certain combinations on the waiting screen, called the 'Custom Loadouts', which will then be your choice if you called the drop from the sky.

call of duty warzone tutorial
You can change custom loadout for a set, and make a list of dozen sets for a match

Once you reach the drop, you'll be able to get one custom loadout set. A set consists of a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, some other utilities, and most importantly, the Perks. Basically, the Perks are the special skills that you will gain once hitting the required level, including reviving your teammate faster, run faster and many more!

So, the Loadouts do not only help you with your needed equipment so that you don't have to risk running place to place looting any more, but it also gives you tons of advantages with your remaining times with the Perks as well.

call of duty warzone tips for beginners
There are many types of perks, which you should find out for yourself

Depending on your playstyle, choose the suitable loadout sets for yourself before a battle, and don't forget to revise it after you found something wrong!

Call of Duty Warzone Tips #7: Watch out for the flare

In CoD: Warzone, the flare is not the indicator for a dropbox call, but the indicator for the Buy Station. As I've said above, the Buy Station is where you can pay your money to resurrect your dead teammates (or vice versa). And once the purchase complete, the revived ones will drop from the sky not too far from the Buy Station, so the flare is also the indicator for those ones.

Call Of Duty Warzone Tips
The flares are the signals for a buy station, which means someone is dropping on the map again on revived

As a result, there will be a lot of information you can get with the flares. First of all, it refers that there is a new person rejoining the battle near that location, and there might be one or several teammates of that player in that area as well. On getting that information, your squad can choose either to raid the area to eliminate their team, or staying out of the battle, knowing that there will surely be a lot of players gathering in that area.

Call Of Duty Warzone strategy
Whether to ambush or to run away, it depends on your situations

Whatever you want to do, the flare is still a very important detail to keep in mind, which will win you a lot of games if you choose the right decision.

Call of Duty Warzone Tips #8: Use your money precisely

Apart from getting your dead teammates a second chance to join the battle, money in Call of Duty: Warzone can be used with another purpose as well. From the Buy Station, you can buy rare and epic equipment that will not appear for looting (even include the self-revive item), which will immensely help with your battles.

Call Of Duty Warzone Tips
Tries to use the money situationally and wisely

Also, the special thing about this reviving mechanic is that you actually can buy a revive for your teammate even though they've lost in the Gulag battle. However, it costs a decent amount of money, so you will have to be sure only to use that money in the most needed situation. At the same time, every person holds their own money, so you'll have to keep some extra cash while buying things in case your team is in need.

Call of Duty Warzone Tips #9: Be a team player! Share your wealth with your teammate!

Call of Duty: Warzone is a matter of Squad-3, so there is something different than soloing like other titles. You can afford to go as 'wealthy' as possible in the solo mode of other games, in which you can keep all of the items you want for the sake of 'carrying' yourself or your teammates to the victory, but it's a new story with this warzone.

Call Of Duty Warzone Tips for beginners
You can drop your money for your friends

Your sources of equipment do not only come from looting but also from purchasing as well. Hence, it's best not to buy the most expensive items in the shop for yourself, but to buy necessary items for your whole team. So, if one of your teammates runs out of money, don't hesitate to give him/her some so that they can buy their needed equipment, especially armors.

Overall, one more person is better than one more big guns, right?

Call of Duty Warzone Tips #10: Get the most FPS possible

I keep this in the last Call of Duty Warzone tips since it's quite conditional. If you're owning a high-end PC that can run every game without any problems, then you can just ignore this and queue for your game right now. However, if you're not that lucky, it's best to get the most FPS out of your game rather than getting the most splendid visuals.

This tip goes with almost every first-person shooters, as it's widely recommended that you should trade your visual quality for the best performance so that you will aim and fire better. Call of Duty: Warzone is quite a demanding title, so you can head into the Call of Duty Warzone settings, turn off or put the following settings at the lowest level, and it will boost your FPS by at least 30-40 FPS!

Call Of Duty Warzone best settings
Try to disable unnecessary visuals options for the highest FPS count

They are V-Sync (must), DirectX Raytracing (must), Texture Filter Anisotropic (must). The optional ones are Texture Resolution, Particle Quality, and Particle Lighting, which you can leave at medium for better gaming experience visual wise.


There you have it! That's the end of our guide, and if you find our Call of Duty: Warzone tips useful, don't forget to leave us a Like, and bookmark it for the time of needs. Stay tuned with for news and tips in the future!