24 hours after the official launch, we had Call Of Duty Warzone hack. What are the developers and publishers of this battle royale blockbuster doing now? Check it out here with Gurugamer.com.

Call Of Duty Warzone Hack: Only 24 Hours After Launch

The new battle royale hit of Activision, Call Of Duty: Warzone, has come to players a few days ago, shaking the community. Unlike the previous version, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, this new version is totally free to play. It pleased a lot of CoD players as they don’t have to pay a big sum of money to play like CoD: Modern Warfare.

However, it also shocked the community when getting hacked only 24 hours after the official launch. Specifically, a Youtube Channel, VAC_MAN, uploaded a video featuring wallhack in Call Of Duty: Warzone. According to him, players can use this wallhack tool to spot the locations of other players on the map.

call of duty warzone hack
CoD was hacked only 24 hours after the official launch

This CoD version will let 200 players play together on a map. So, imagine how powerful you are if you know the locations of the other 199 players. Moreover, this Call of Duty: Warzone hack tool also has an aimbot feature, helping cheaters aim accurately at the enemies’ body to kill them right away. In addition, this player can also hack to modify the bullet line to make his shot more accurate from any range of fire.

call of duty warzone hack
With this Call of Duty Warzone hack tool, the cheater will know the locations of the other 199 players on the map

This instant Call of Duty Warzone hack tool made many players lose their trust in Activision. The publisher hasn’t made any announcement about this cheating. It raised a question among the community whether Call Of Duty: Warzone would be a success or a failure. Just wait for the reaction of Activision. They will, of course, do something if they don’t want to let their brainchild a dead game too soon.

call of duty warzone hack
Cheater could modify the bullet line to make his shot more accurate from any range of fire

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What Did Activision Blizzard Do To Stop Call of Duty Warzone hack?

Right after getting hacked, the publisher accepted hackers’ challenge and launched a new updated patch on March 13th. Activision Blizzard fixed the bug that the COD Warzone hackers used to attack the game with their Call of Duty: Warzone hack tool.

Call of Duty Warzone hack
Activision Launched A Fixed Patch To Fix The Bug And Stop COD Warzone Hackers

Currently, the publishers haven’t made any announcement about the punishment for those Warzone hackers. However, these may only be slight steps in the early stages of release. But after this balance, the publisher will be definitely more serious in punishing cheaters and hackers.

Call Of Duty Warzone Aimbot
The publishers carried out a big anti-cheat campaign in Overwatch game before, so they will be more serious about Call of Duty warzone hack

In the past, Blizzard had a large anti-cheat campaign in its Overwatch game. They did not only block a great number of cheaters’ accounts but they also banned the IP addresses and blocked the hardware of those cheaters. It means that those COD Warzone hackers can no longer download and play this game even when creating a new account. Unless they changed the network and PC, those cheaters can no longer play Overwatch. It’s one of the most severe punishments that this game publisher imposed on their players.

Call of Duty Warzone hack
After the game was balanced and fixed, cheaters will definitely get more severe punishment if they use any cheat tool

Therefore, it would be a stupid action if you use any cheat tool like a CoD warzone hack or Call of Duty warzone aimbot hack.

Identify And Report Cheaters Using Call of Duty Warzone Hack

If you suspect someone using aimbot hack in CoD: Warzone, you can report him. There are some features to identify a cheater using Call of Duty warzone aimbot hack or not.

  • Shoot accurately at an insane precise level.
  • The character moves unnaturally.
  • Aim at the enemy’s head quickly.

If someone shows one of these signs, let’s report him. The developer and publisher will investigate and identify whether this player is cheating or not before banning him. Don’t worry that you may report the wrong person. Activision will do enough investigation before giving a ban.

To report the cheaters using Call of Duty Warzone hack, you go to the main menu after the match finishes. Next, choose the ‘Social’ section in the upper right corner of your PC screen. Then, you click on ‘Recent Players’ and select the player you suspect. Click the option of ‘Report player’ and choose the ‘Cheating’ option. By reporting cheaters, you help Activision remove cheaters and Warzone hackers from this game, ensuring a fair game for all players.

Those are the latest news about Call of Duty Warzone hack as well as a guide on how to report cheaters in this game. To update the latest CoD game news as well as more tips and tricks for players, let’s visit our PC/Console section.