In Call of Duty: Warzone, we find a wide range of weapons available, with each one having its own usefulness and none should be completely ruled out since they can be much better than you think. Today we are taking a look at 10 Call of Duty: Warzone weapons of Season 3 that you are probably not using much and should be using a lot more because they are among the best:

MP5: The submachine gun is a classic weapon within the Call of Duty saga and although it may seem like a standard weapon without much personality, it has a multitude of options that will allow you to vary your style of play depending on the situation.

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MP5 is a classic that is deadly with extra customizations

GRAU 5.56: This weapon that arrived in season 2 has been very prominent, but not many dare to carry this weapon without a rifle butt and this is where the difference lies with many players. Avoid this accessory and this weapon will be very different and lethal.

M13: One of the most unnoticed assault rifles out there, but it is highly effective within this Battle Royale game. With very good base stats, the M13 can be customized to boost its damage and rate of fire, but its handling, aiming and stability can also be prioritized.

M13 is a pretty deadly weapon that lacks a significant rifle stock for stability

M4A1: This weapon is in the same boat as the MP5. This assault rifle may prove to be a rookie weapon to many players, but its versatility lies in its power. The M4A1 is one of the most reliable weapons currently available in Call of Duty: Warzone.

SKS: This season's new weapon is a tactical rifle that is a step above many other weapons right now. Normally, any weapon that is new usually comes with firepower far above the standard and the SKS's versatility in terms of options makes it an almost obligatory choice.

SKS Warzone Build: Best Long Range Setup
The SKS is highly lethal and with modifications is one of the best long-range weapons

R9-0: The only shotgun on the list and is the best without a doubt. The R9-0 stands out for its tremendous rate of fire and damage over short distances. Like with many shotguns in this game, it's not seen often because most players prefer weapons that are effective over long distances, but it is highly recommended to take it along in urban confrontations.

PKM: Light machine guns are not the most widely used weapons, but the PKM is a very interesting model. Good rate of fire and damage, with a large magazine that goes with decent handling. A support weapon that is ideal to cover your companions with.

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PKM is one of the few machine guns that are helpful in any situation

357: This double-action revolver is the best secondary in the game right now, but it must be equipped in its dual-mode with a cannon and laser sight. This combination will allow you to take down your enemies with two shots at close range. Absolutely devastating!

MK2 Carbine: While this weapon may seem like a poor choice, it is far more interesting than it sounds. Its medium rate of fire, coupled with a mixed sight, can supply those players who do not want a sniper rifle in their arsenal but still need a medium-long range choice.

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The MK2 Carbine is the best medium-long range option for anyone looking for a bit of range

Feel free to give these Call of Duty: Warzone weapons in Season 3 a go, and you might just discover a new playstyle you are proficient with. For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at