After Free Fire underwent Maintenance to apply the June 2020 update, a lot of new changes and new items, content, cosmetics, etc. have been applied. Among these changes, we received a brand new weapon called the M82B, which is a very powerful and unique type of sniper rifle.

This new weapon has since become pretty deadly and useful, so any player should try to find it whenever they can. For this occasion, we will provide some of the latest information to help you find this weapon in the match. Curious? Immediately, look below to find out more about how to find it:

Free Fire M82B Sniper Rifle Weapon Locations in Bermuda

Mars Electric

The first location that this weapon can be found is Mars Electric. This first location is pretty quiet and has many of the best hiding places. But if you get down here, there are a variety of the best looting items that can be found.

Bermuda Central nuclear free fire m82b location

The M82B is not guaranteed to be here, but of course, you'd never regret coming here for loot. After all, the new sniper rifle is a rare and dangerous weapon so you should keep looking at other spots.


The second location where the M82B can be found is Pochinok, this location is very strategic and has a lot of houses. You can either find a hiding place here, or loiter around for loot in Pochinok which isn't too bad at all.

Map Bermuda Free Fire - GCUBE.ID - free fire m82b location

Here there are many high-level items that you can get, and if you are lucky you can find this new M82B weapon. But we need to remind you that the new rifle is not always in the Pochinok location.


The third location that you can find an M82B in the future is Hangar, this location is a former airfield site and there are some outdated aircraft garages. And among these garages, there's a chance that you can find the M82B.

Bermuda Hangar free fire m82b location

There is no guarantee of finding the weapon in the 1st or 2nd garage, but you should definitely keep looking in either of the two. The best way to really find out is to just go ahead and play in Classic Mode and look for this weapon in the hangar.


The last location that you can find the weapon is the Shipyard. This location has a lot of containers that you can explore and see inside. Reportedly some players found the M82B while looking for weapons to fight in the Container.

Bermuda Shipyard free fire m82b location

But instead of getting an Assault Rifle or SMG, they instead found the new M82B. If you happen to find it while looking for something else, then you definitely should take it and use it against the enemy in the match. Visit the Shipyard next time to try your luck.

With this sniper rifle, you could become a player who dominates the match. Because of the unique power and ability of this weapon, it's quite deadly and can smash any Gloo Wall that you shoot at. For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at