Yesterday, the expected presentation event of the PlayStation 5 in which information from the future Sony console was released. However, Sony stayed silent on the price of the PS5 and gave us the games that will arrive instead.

However, the various designs and even the price of the same console have purportedly been leaked. The leaked information has been the work of one Twitter user who revealed it to us before the PlayStation 5 event.

Price and launch date of PS 5

Thanks to Twitter user IronManPS5, we know the price of the console, the launch window, and the design of it. Before we proceed further, know that this account had already given reliable insider information regarding Sony's upcoming next-gen console.

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According to this account, the PlayStation will have a standard price of $499, about equal to Rs 38,000, which coincides with many previous leaks. But IronManPS5 also added that there are two versions, a version with an 825GB SSD that will cost $399 (~Rs 30,000) and a version with a 1.5TB SSD for $499, or Rs 38,000.

Previously, Amazon UK mistakenly put up PS5 preorders, and some buyers placed orders for a 2TB PS5 priced at £599.99. It is too early to tell if any of that information is genuine or if it is placeholder information.

This is a reasonable launch price, which does not break the psychological barrier of $500, and is in line with the market. But once again, we remind you that this is still unconfirmed and that we will not know the final price of the console until Sony decides to reveal it.

This Twitter account also highlights that starting in July you can start pre-ordering the console. Said Twitter account also indicates that the launch of the PlayStation 5 will be in November.

According to IronManPS5, the final design of the console will be revealed on July 7 on the company's blog. Such images would also appear in PlayStation Official Magazine UK. Recall that the DualSense on the PlayStation 5 was revealed in an entry on the Sony blog.

PlayStation 5 Games Confirmed So Far PS5 india price insider leak insanely cheap

According to this user, we will see the games Horizon Zero Dawn and Ratchet and Clank, as well as Gran Turismo 7. In addition, he assures that the PlayStation VR will be ready in early 2021.

PS5 release date

On the one hand, we have the data confirmed by Sony, which indicates that PS5 will go on sale in Christmas 2020 (that is, in the Christmas sales season, which begins a few weeks earlier). As for the specific day, we can take into account when the previous consoles have been put on sale.

It will almost certainly be on sale before Black Friday, which will take place on November 27, and will launch on a Friday, to take advantage of the weekend's sales momentum.

It's likely that the launch date of PS5 is November 13 or 20. The date could vary depending on when its main competitor, the Xbox One Series X console from Microsoft, is released, which has very similar specifications.

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