Sony has decided to share the first images of the DualSense (yes, you read correctly, the DualSense), the new wireless controller for PlayStation 5, its next-gen console that will go on sale, if nothing changes, at the end of 2020.

PS5 muestra su nuevo mando: el DualSense. Primeras imágenes y todos los detalles Imagen 4
Here's the new PS5 controller at a glance

The first thing that draws the attention of the controller beyond its new, somewhat "sharper" image is its name change, which, contrary to expectations, will not be called DualShock 5 but will, as we already mentioned, be dubbed DualSense.

The design team said in the DualSense presentation article on the official PlayStation blog that they have decided to keep many of the DualShock 4 features that they knew that gamers and developers had liked, but that they have also chosen to add new features and redefine their design.

Haptic feedback, the most important feature of the PlayStation 5 DualSense

We have known for a long time that the PS5 controller is going to use haptic feedback that will replace the traditional vibration of the DualShock (perhaps hence the name change).

PS5 muestra su nuevo mando: el DualSense. Primeras imágenes y todos los detalles Imagen 2
The new console controller will come with lots of new features

Sony is again insisting on this concept in the new information on the controller, ensuring that this haptic feedback will add "a variety of powerful sensations that you will feel when you play" such as the slowness and vibrations of a car when driving through muddy terrain. Another crucial and also known point are the adaptive triggers R2 and L2, which will allow us to feel the "tension of actions such as pulling a bow to shoot an arrow".

Changes in design

These characteristics have made those responsible for bringing the controller to life have to consider all these functions in the final design of the DualSense. To give an example, for adaptive triggers the design team has had to work closely with the hardware team to properly position the triggers, while the designers worked to draw the lines from the outside so that the controls feel smaller.

The Internet Reimagines the PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller - The Tech Of ...
Some netizens have already put out their own redesigns

In the end, they made some changes to the grip on the controller and the triggers and also took "consideration of ways to maintain a long life for the DualSense's rechargeable battery", all while trying to minimize the weight of the controller.

The Create button

Another interesting change is that the SHARE button will be replaced by a new button called CREATE , a new feature that will preserve the possibilities that SHARE gave us to create content to share with the world, but that will also have other features.

Examining The Xbox One Series X And PS5 DualSense Controllers ...
There's a pretty significant departure from the previous controller

In addition, this DualSense will incorporate a microphone that will allow us to talk to our friends without using headphones, something "ideal for having a quick conversation", although the recommended thing for longer games will still be to use our own headphones.

Two-color controller

Continuing with the changes, this time Sony has broken with one of its traditions, which was to launch its basic controllers in a single color. Now, they opted for two different shades, black and white. In addition, they also modifed the position of the light bar, which instead of being at the rear is now positioned as a fine thread that surrounds the DualSense touch panel.

PS5 : Sony hé lộ tay cầm chính thức của PS5 - DualSense
Because of all the new features and designs, Sony decided on the name change

Sony also claims that it has thought of many concepts and aspects for the controller before this final design, which has been tested by a wide range of players with a wide variety of hands to try to achieve an ergonomic shape that suits all types of people.

The objective of DualSense "being to give players the feeling of being transported to the game world as soon as they open the box. We want gamers to feel that the controller is an extension of themselves when they are playing, so much so that they forget that it is in your hands!"

PlayStation 5 controller memes are hilariously redesigning the Dualsense ...
Alreadu hilarious memes are out for the new controller

The PlayStation 5 release date is still Christmas 2020 and Sony hopes to reveal more of the console "in the coming months".

Finally, Jim Ryan, one of the best-known figures from Sony, wanted to offer a few words after the presentation of the PlayStation 5 controller, in which he remarked that the expected launch date is next Christmas and they expect to show off more of the PlayStation 5 design in the coming months:

"DualSense marks a radical change from what our previous controllers offered and captures how strong we feel to take a generational leap with PS5. The new controller, as well as many other novel features of PS5, will be transformative for games, continuing with the PlayStation's mission to push the boundaries of gaming now and into the future. To the PlayStation community, I want to deeply thank you for sharing this exciting journey with us as we head to the launch of PS5 on Christmas 2020. We look forward to sharing more information on PS5, including the design of the console, in the coming months."

Summary of DualSense features:

And already critics of the controller are talking about it
  • Haptic feedback
  • Adaptive triggers
  • CREATE button replaces PS4 SHARE button
  • Built-in microphone
  • Light bar now next to touchpad
  • Rechargeable battery

Feedback on the PlayStation 5 controller

As usual, social networks are already boiling, commenting on the new controller, which is generating all kinds of reactions. There are even those who have already imagined it in black, showing us the following appearance:

And these are just the surface of the mountains of DualSense memes and redesigns the Internet has already gotten its hands on. After all, most of us are in lockdown with not much to do.

At the moment no more colors have been confirmed and everything indicates that the console should look similar. Let's hope that the controller will not only look good and come with fancy features, but continues to work properly as a gaming controller, what it is designed for.

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