The characters in Free Fire all have their strengths and special abilities that make them stand out and quite dangerous if you don't know how to counter them properly. And now we have the mew Free Fire Wolfrahh character whose ability has already taken the game by storm.

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His ability, called Limelight, makes him quite a formidable opponent because almost no headshot can immediately kill him. Meanwhile, this character can deal powerful damage to opponent's body/limbs, which can be equivalent to Headshots.

Having a Wolfrahh Free Fire in your character combination or squad is already becoming common. But don't forget that there are some very effective ways that can help you beat this tough character or chase him away. Want to know how? Here are 3 actions that can help you against Wolfrahh:

3 Tips to Beat or Fight Back Free Fire Wolfrahh

Don't Try Aiming For Headshots

As we know, the headshot is one of the fatal shots, where we will inflict greater damage if we attack, or receive more damage if we are attacked. But this has no effect on Wolfrahh because his ability is able to reduce the headshot damage. In this case, instead of trying to aim for the head, just try to hit the body of Wolfrahh as much as you can.

Garena Free Fire free fire wolfrahh details skill story

So if you can use a weapon with a high rate of fire to attack the body parts of Free Fire Wolfrahh character, it will be more effective and he will also be pressured. Don't try to go for headshots while shooting, because Wolfrahh's ability can counter that. If Wolfrahh's level is high enough you won't be doing much headshot damage at all.

Don't Forget Gloo Wall

This item's characteristic is quite useful because you can block even a large amount of enemy damage. The Gloo Wall is quite effective with a character like Wolfrahh, whose ability allows him to be a rusher or an attacker, and you can block a lot of damage from him with it.

But when you use the Gloo Wall, you must also be careful with these enemies. It might be that he would advance and rush from the right or the left, even if he is still far away or he is alone. You should also try to attack him from the left or right and not hide behind Gloo Walls all the time so they cannot get the drop on you.

Try to Flank

If for example, you know the location of the enemy Wolfrahh players, try to perform a surprise attack by flanking them. The advanced strategy requires that you should be even more aggressive against characters like this or they will defeat you.

If an enemy who is being careless is hit by a flank attack, he would feel panic and find it harder to counter-attack. If you are thinking that you want to be aggressive and flank the enemy, don't waste much time and immediately attack the enemy whenever you are ready.

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Knowing how to counter a new character is important and improves the chances of you surviving the match with Booyah. For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at


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