As we know, in Free Fire there is a stat for KD or kill/death which is the result of your survival performance so far. KD can also be used to judge someone's playing style, whether they are aggressive or careful players.

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A decent KD ratio should be one that is at least above 1, otherwise, it wouldn't look very good to show off!

Not only that, KD or kill/death is also usually a requirement to enter a Free Fire guild and sometimes even a requirement for registration to enter an esports tourney. This means that for those of you who have a low KD, there is a lot of work to do start becoming more pro!

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But there's no need to worry about your current low KD. Because we will be looking at 3 simple ways for you to be able to increase your lifetime KD in Free Fire as quickly as possible!

3 Things You Can Do to Increase Your KD in Free Fire

Play Classic Mode

In classic mode, normally you will see many players who arguably have a lower rank than yours. Therefore, they also usually have lower skills than you. Playing Classic Mode more would of course help you find it easier to get lots of kills and increase your KD. In addition, you would also have greater Booyah opportunities.

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Classic Mode gives you more opportunities to get kills, so play it more often

Be Smart About Aggression or Camping

To boost your KD, you must choose between playing an aggressive rusher or camper first. If you play aggressively, you would usually have a lot of kills but your average in-game lifetime would last less than 10 minutes. Unfortunately, there is also the risk of dying right from the beginning and lowering the KD in the process if you play like that.

If you play camping, it's a lot more likely that you would have an average in-game life span of more than 10 minutes. However, you won't be getting more than a few kills. If possible, only begin to play aggressively after the zone has become small to prevent adding deaths to your KD, and choose to play safer at the start.

Get a New Account/Player

If you play using a new player or account on Free Fire, usually you will play against bots or opponents below your skill level which you should definitely take advantage of. Even so, great players are also sometimes thrown in the game who can surprise you big time. However, this trick can only be applied to duo or squad mode only.

Free Fire Booyah
Getting Booyah is not always about getting kills to improve your KD

And these were 3 simple tips that you can use to up that KD stat and begin to conquer Free Fire! For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at