Introduced in last April's update, Free Fire new character Kapella has become one of the FF gaming community's most beloved characters, thanks to her skill, amazing appearance, but also an interesting background story. Today we will help you explore Free Fire Kapella character in real life further.

Free Fire Kapella character in real life

Kapella is a beautiful girl who works as a vocalist for a K-Pop group. In addition to her beautiful appearance, we will also be made to fall in love with her beautiful voice. For those of you who want to get to know Kapella more, keep reading and you will find out.

The silver-haired beauty doesn't just sing for enjoyment. Her main skill, called 'Healing Song', could heal friends and teammates thanks to her singing power.

Free Fire Kapella character in real life

Kapella is said to be a 21-year-old girl who was born on July 17. She really loves music, especially pop and K-Pop genres. After winning a singing competition at the age of 18, Kapella finally managed to make her name known as a singer around the world.

Free Fire Kapella Character in Real Life - Biography

  • Name: Kapella
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Age: 21
  • Date of Birth: July 17, 2016
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Occupation: Main vocalist of K-Pop group
  • Hobbies: Shopping, charity, listening to rap music

Free Fire Kapella character in real life

Free Fire Kapella Character in Real Life - Personality

  • She is positive about what she does and keeps doing it until it's done.
  • From the outside, she always looks cheerful, although she does not necessarily feel the same in her heart.
  • She knows what she wants and will always fight for it.
  • She cares about other people.
  • She cares about her style of dress.
  • She wants the best for the world, even if it means she has to break the rules.

Free Fire Kapella character in real life

Free Fire Kapella Character in Real Life - Abilities

  • Singing: a professional singer with a soprano voice
  • Technical ability: moderate, know the basics of hacking
  • Fashionista: always looks good, always knows which clothes that are suitable for every situation

Free Fire Kapella character in real life

Free Fire Kapella Character in Real Life - Background


Since childhood, Kapella has loved singing, especially pop music. The Kapella family recognized her talent as a singer and wanted her to become a famous singer. However, Kapella did not realize that she was only being used by her own family. They just wanted to take advantage of Kapella's fame so that they are respected in society.

Pink Killer - KAPELA Cosplay

They didn't care about what Kapella really wants, as long as she can be successful and famous.

Pop music

The singing talent that Kapella received attention from talent agencies. She immediately jumped into the world of teen pop. One of the songs she wrote was immediately popular and made her famous. As she grew up, she began to hate the music industry because the people there were hungry for money and fame.

Free Fire Kapella character in real life

On the other hand, she still loves music. Finally, when she was 18 years old, she decided to separate from the agency and her family to make her own band. She also donated part of her income to charity activities.

Free Fire Kapella Character Skill

In Free Fire, Kapella has a skill called Healing Song which is very valuable. Using Kapella's skill is quite easy because Kapella can provide a very strong buff for all members of the team. Kapella's skill effect is very interesting because she can increase the effectiveness of the healing effect both from items and equipment.

free fire kapella character in real life

In addition to the increased healing effect, Kapella also provides a reduction from the HP loss of the team. Because this effect has a high multiplier, so it is worth it to increase the level. Even at level 1, the effect of this skill is very useful.

At level 1 this skill even gives a 10% healing effect buff for both items or the heal skill effect. Also at level 1, Kapella will provide a 20% reduction in HP loss when team members are down.

Free Fire Kapella character in real life

Each increase in Kapella's skill will get an extra 2% multiplier on the skill items and equipment heal, but unfortunately, the healing effect of the skill will not increase. In addition, for each level, Kapella will also get an extra 2% to the reduction of HP loss when other team members go down.

This effect is very strong because she can help dying teammates to get back to the action very quickly. Whether as a support or rusher, Kapella is a very valuable character

free fire kapella character in real life

Free Fire Kapella Character in Real Life - The Models

Her background story and her role within Free Fire are explained in a recent music video, which was originally released on the 10th (Friday) of April on Garena's official channels. And if you didn't understand the references, here's what they mean.

Free Fire Kapella music video - The singers

The character of Kapella is based on the K-Pop idols, whose Korean musical genre has conquered a legion of fans worldwide. The character's biography tells us that at the age of 18 she participated in a musical talent contest and achieved fame. That's why in the music video she is played by two singers, Noey and Jam, who are part of a Thai group called JNP, the same nationality as Free Fire Kla character.

The singers also lent their voice to the song "Pink Killer", a reference to the pink costume that Kapella has on Free Fire. In the clip, the character's interpreters still perform choreographed dances, a trademark of the K-Pop style.

The Thai girls really put in the work to pull off a K-Pop performance as realistic and authentic as possible. You can check out the behind the scenes work that went into making the music video below:

The kind of work that Free Fire keeps putting in to keep fans as excited and hyped up as possible continues to be the game's major strength. Let's hope Garena can keep us hooked on the game as long as possible.

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