The newest character Kapella barely arrived at Free Fire and she is already winning the hearts of fans. After being discovered on the advanced servers, the character reached Free Fire players with her "Healing Song" ability, which increases the effect of items that regain life and also amplifies healing skills.

Free Fire Official MV] Pink Killer Kapella - Feat.NOEY & JAM JNP | Garena ...
Free Fire got a brand new music video played by two beauties

Her background story and her role within Free Fire are explained in a recent music video, which was originally released on the 10th (Friday) on Garena's official channels. And if you didn't understand the references, here's what they mean.

Free Fire Kapella music video - The singers

The character of Kapella is based on the K-Pop idols, whose Korean musical genre have conquered a legion of fans worldwide. The character's biography tells us that at the age of 18 she participated in a musical talent contest and achieved fame. That's why in the music video she is played by two singers, Noey and Jam, who are part of a Thai group called JNP.

The singers also lent their voice to the song "Pink Killer", a reference to the pink costume that Kapella has on Free Fire. In the clip, the character's interpreters still perform choreographed dances, a trademark of the K-Pop style.

The Thai girls really put in the work to pull off a K-Pop performance as realistic and authentic as possible. You can check out the behind the scenes work that went into making the music video below:

The kind of work that Free Fire keeps putting in to keep fans as excited and hyped up as possible continues to be the game's major strength. Let's hope Garena can keep us hooked on the game as long as possible.

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