Grand Theft Auto III (GTA 3) is a well-known action-adventure game title developed by DMA Design and premiered by Rockstar Games in 2001. The game can be played on various platforms, including Windows OS, PS2, Xbox, Mac OS, Fire OS, iOS and Android.

For many mobile mobsters who love wreaking havoc in Liberty City, cheat codes for GTA 3 on Android are of paramount importance, allowing them to do magic in the game. Keep reading to check out our full list of GTA 3 cheats codes in Android and things you should bear in mind while using them so that all of you can skip straight to the chaos anywhere in town.

1. Can I use cheat codes for GTA 3 on Android?

Grand Auto Theft III was ported to mobile devices in 2011. This idea was revolutionary indeed. And GTA addicts may wonder whether GTA 3 cheats can be input on mobile platforms. To put it briefly, yes and no.

Gta 3 On Android
GTA addicts may wonder whether GTA 3 cheats can be input on mobile platforms

In fact, it’s quite challenging to naturally enter the cheat codes on your Android because most of them are from PC and require a keyboard to type them in. That said, it’s not the case when you download third-party software or an application which supports a keyboard overlay on top of the game. cannot recommend any specific app as we cannot guarantee which one is a safe platform for you and do not want to cause our valued readers any trouble. However, if you’re aware of what you can do and exercise the proper cautions, this is actually a possible workaround.

2. Cheat codes for GTA 3 on Android: All things you should know

While entering the cheat codes in GTA 3 is not burdensome for any player, there are still a few things to keep in mind when you are planning to use them.

#1. Always save before using cheats. Since Grand Theft Auto is an ancient game title, doing cheats in-game might be quite risky and occasionally, players will struggle to undo the havoc they caused. Hence, having a backup is urgently needed.

Save Gta 3
Always save before using cheat codes for GTA 3 for Android

#2. Most cheat codes for GTA 3 for Android cannot be deactivated. Normally, players will receive a “cheat deactivated” message when trying to re-enter a cheat code. Nonetheless, in our experience, the cheat is still active!!! One more reason why you should save the gameplay first.

#3. Never save while the cheats are active! This action might corrupt a save file, or even ruin a main save gameplay by bringing a state of chaos.

#4. It is noteworthy that some of the cheat codes for GTA 3 on Android we are going to share with you below might not work fully. Most of them do work on PC, yet on mobile platforms, the story might be different. So, just try entering the codes and let us know which ones are not working in the comments section at the end of the article. Thanks in advance!

3. List of cheat codes for GTA 3 on Android

  1. anicesetofwheels – Invisible cars
  2. bangbangbang – Destroy all vehicles
  3. boooooring – Speed up gameplay
  4. chittycittybb – Flying vehicle
  5. cornerslikemad – Better vehicle handling
  6. gesundheit – 100% health
  7. giveusatank – Spawn vehicles (used for different models)
  8. gunsgunsguns – Get all weapons (used to add ammo)
  9. ifiwerearichman – More money
  10. ilikedressingup – Change outfit
  11. ilikescotland – Cloudy weather
  12. ilovescotland – Rainy weather
  13. itsallgoingmaaad – Insane pedestrians
  14. madweather – Super-speedy game clock
  15. morepoliceplease – Higher wanted level
  16. nastylimbscheat – Crank up gore
  17. nobodylikesme – Pedestrians attack
  18. nopoliceplease – Lower wanted level
  19. peasoup – Foggy weather
  20. skincancerforme – Clear weather
  21. timeflieswhenyou – Clock moves faster
  22. tortoise – 100% armor
  23. weaponsforall – Pedestrians fight one another

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4. More hints for GTA 3 cheats on Android

Infinite Ammo

Once you collect more than 9999 rounds of ammo for a weapon, the infinite ammo will immediately be granted. Nonetheless, do not forget to reload whenever the clip is drained.

Infinite Ammo Gta 3
Once you collect more than 9999 rounds of ammo for a weapon, the infinite ammo will immediately be granted

Get 125 Health

Follow our instructions to get 125 Health in GTA 3:

  • Carjack a decent ride and head to the Red Light District
  • Pull up near a hooker and stop. The hooker will talk to you and if she loves your ride, she will get inside then. Right at the moment she’s in, your cash will decrease gradually.
  • Take her to a deserted alley and let your vehicle sit.
  • Your car starts shaking. At the same time, your health will steadily increase to 125 and will last till the next time you croak.

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