Gerald is the main character in GTA Online. He serves as a mission giver in GTA Online. His missions often involve stealing drugs from other dealers and gangs, assassinating gang bosses, delivering drugs to buyers. Gerald's mission is a great way to get quick money in GTA Online.

If you want to know more about Gerald Missions GTA Online, their requirements, payout and tips, then you've come to the right place.

Gerald Gta Online
Gerald is a character in GTA Online who serves as the missions giver for players.

1. How to get Gerald missions GTA Online

Players can unlock general Gerald missions after completing the tutorial. However, they coud also choose a random Contact mission to finish at any time and get hands on other Gerald missions in case they skipped the tutorial in the past.

As for the latest Last Play mission, players will need to activate it in the Jobs menu.

How to start Gerald's old missions

After the tutorial, players can access and play any missions they wish. To replay a mission, players wait for the relevant text from Gerald or call him to request a text or select the mission directly from the mission list in the pause menu.

If you skipped the tutorial, then you need to do some work to unlock these missions first. Open phone and select Quick Job -> Contact Mission to get random Contact missions and play any mission with a New tag. You can also ask another player to start a specific mission for you. The missions will unlock as you play them, even if you do not complete them.

How to start Gerald's Last Play missions

To play the new Gerald's Last Play missions, players can respond to his texts or go to his apartment in Strawberry, Los Santos to activate Gerald's missions in the Jobs menu. The location will be marked on the map as the letter G.

Gerald Gta Online 1
You can find Gerald's apartment on the map marked with the letter "G".

2. Gerald missions GTA Online list and payout

So how many Gerald missions are there in GTA Online? There is a total of 13 Gerald's Contact missions and 6 Gerald's Last Play missions.

Gerald Contact missions

Here is the list of Gerald's Contact missions and payout in GTA Online. You need to reach certain ranks to do these missions. The more time you spend on these missions, the more RP and money you will earn (capped at 16 minutes).

Players can do most GTA Online Gerald missions solo or with up to 3 other players, except for the Chumash and Grab mission (2-4 players).

Mission Rank RP Reward 16+ Mins (maximum) Money Reward 16+ Mins (maximum)
Pier Pressure 6 1000 $18360
Death Metal 6 1320 $18360
Deal Breaker 6 1340 $18360
Flood in the LS River 6 1400 $18360
Meth'd Up 7 1100 $18420
No Hay Bronca 8 1320 $18480
Hit 'Em Up 10 2180 $18840
Gassed Up 12 1310 $18720
Violent Duct 15 1180 $18900
Hard Labor 19 2250 $19140
War and Pieces 30 2160 $19800
Chumash and Grab 35 1900 $20100
Dish the Dirt 45 2510 $20700

Gerald Last Play missions

Gerald's Last Play missions were released in the The Diamond Casino Heist update in 2020. The payout players get from the mission will be vary depending on many factors such as rank and amount of time. Here are the Gerald missions GTA Online payout for Last Play missions in Easy mode:

  • < 2 minutes - $2550
  • 2-3 minutes - $5100
  • 3-4 minutes - $7650
  • 4-6 minutes - $10200
  • 6-8 minutes - $12240
  • 8-10 minutes - $14280
  • 10-12 minutes - $16320
  • 12-15 minutes - $18360
  • 15+ minutes - $20400

Normal Difficulty and Hard Difficulty will give you a 25% bonus and 50% bonus respectively. These Last Play missions don't reward players RP.

If players want to get the most money out of their time, they should complete these missions after 4:01 minutes.

Gta Online Geralds Last Play
Gerald's Last Play missions are mission released the The Diamond Casino Heist update.
  • Make Ends Meat

Find a safe in Raven Slaughterhouse with the cook sheet inside. Open the safe using the code with controller vibrations (or visual code wheel vibrations on the PC version) while fighting the game memebrs. After that, kill the gang boss who is running away in a Sentinel Classic.

  • Go Figure

Gerald found out about Impotent Rage figurines filled with cocaine and want players to steal them. They are in a van in the underground car park of the Betsy O'Neil Pavilion, protected by the Kkangpae. After that players need to find action figures in the area.

Gerald then tells the players to search for another six figurines in another delivery.

  • Fast Peddling

The Lost MC has been messing with Gerald's business. He asks you to steal the drugs from The Lost MC from 4 locations: cocaine lockup, a meth lab, a weed farm, and a cargo warehouse, all are protected by gang members.

  • Deal With It

Players need to find the stolen drug for Gerald. Turn out all the crates are empty. The police confiscated the drugs so players need to destroy the stash and other evidence to avoid the police's detection.

  • Bad Companies

Take out Marabunta Grande's 4 henchmen and the gang boss. The 4 henchmen are in various locations around Los Santos with their gang members. The boss is at the Alta Construction Site.

  • End Product

Help Gerald deliver the drugs in a Mule Custom to the buyer. Protect the Mule Custom from a large group of Ballas.  Gerald will give players a new location on Elysian Island. Players still need to kill off the attacking Ballas before delivering the Mule Custom.

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