Cash is something you always need in GTA 5, especially at the beginning. In this article, we would answer the question of 'how to earn money in GTA 5' so that you can get your hand on those high-tier weapons and armors as soon as possible.

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1 - Investing in Stocks

This is probably the easiest method to get money... but it requires you to have some amount of money to invest first.

Firstly, save the game and shut off the autosave. Invest all the money you have into a stock that you think is going to rise. Afterward, go to your safehouse and wait about 45 seconds and check the profit in your portfolio. Sell the stocks when they peak. The more money you invest the higher the returns - if the stock fails, just load the save you made.

Investing in Stocks
Investing in Stocks

Use the Franklins Assassination missions to control the price of stocks and get the most money out of it. Buy Gold Cost before completing the construction assassination to get double the profit. Buy AirEmu before Legal Trouble, sell it after the mission complete and buy FlyUS.

2 - Armored Car Exploit

You might be able to create an endless cash loop if you manage to take an armored car without firing a shot. Afterward, just evade the police and drive it back to your garage. Save the game, blow the doors off then loot the money. Leave the car there... and when you come back, it would be fixed and restocked fully with cash again.

Armored Car Exploit
Armored Car Exploit

3 - ATM Robberies

People who just visited ATMs should have money in their pockets. You can just camp around ATMs waiting for people to withdraw money then rob them with either fists or weapons. Vacate the area before the cops arrive.

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4 - Robbing Stores

Corner markets and convenience stores are easy targets to get easy and quick cash. Walk inside with a weapon and aim at the cashier then shoot around him to scare and make him work faster. Grab the cash and escape before the cops arrive.

Robbing Stores
Robbing Stores

It is best that you park your vehicle outside of a store so that you could speed away at a moment's notice. Rotate between a few stores and you would be able to get a fairly decent revenue. Just be careful when hitting the same place multiple times, as the store owner might get a gun.

Some stores have 2 registers instead of 1. You can shoot the second one after getting everything from the first one... to get even more money. This can also be applied to Gun and Clothing stores - you can just fire at the register for the money to drop.

Robbing multiple stores in a short period of time would increase your wanted level fast... so you might want to plan your escape before doing it.

5 - Street Races

You can use Franklin's ability to do street races to get money. Get a good sports car like the Coil Voltic up and running, then customize it as much as you can. In the races, just use Franklin's special talents in sharp turns or traffics to lose the opponents and win all the races.

Street Races
Street Races

If you don't have enough money to custom your car, just use another character with money to do it.

6 - Save your money

Don't buy things you don't need at the beginning of the game. Steal a couple of vehicles you want and store them in your garage... relying on theft for transportation. Similarly, select your 4 main weapons (short-range, long-range, sniper, heavy) and stick with them until the end of the first heist.

Prioritize weapon purchases over vehicles as it's much harder to get weapons.

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7 - Complete heists

It is very important that you complete the heists as soon as you are able. Each of them would give a decent chunk of money, enough for you got to get a big investment in the stock market. It is actually better to hire the most skilled crew members every time - while they are more expensive, they are less likely to die and would save you money later.

Complete heists
Complete heists

8 - Rob Armored Trucks

This is probably one of the easiest jobs at the beginning of the game. These trucks usually appear at random on the minimap while you are driving around - just hit them and take out the driver then blow the back doors open with guns of explosives. Collect the money then escape.

9 - Money-Saving Glitches

Another way of how to earn money in GTA 5 is to complete all Gun Range challenges to get a 15% discount. If you managed to get Gold for all challenges, the discount would be boosted to 25%.

Save your game and reload to get the vehicles to respawn fully repaired.

Get free upgrades in Ammu-nation by purchasing them during a mission, kill yourself to fail it then "retry". You would get all your money back... while the upgrades are still marked as "paid".

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