Getting money is pretty much the most important thing in GTA Online. While doing heists might provide the most results for your time investment, you would need 4 other players... and that is not always feasible. This is where missions come in - you can complete them solo and reap the full rewards.

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In this article, we would find out what is the best money-making mission in GTA 5 Online by listing out the top 4 most efficient and fun missions to grind.

Best Money Making Mission In GTA 5 Online

1 - Trash Talk

Trash Talk, unlocks at rank 81, is one of the best paying and most efficient money-earning missions in GTA Online. You can get about $15,000 or more in 4 minutes - if you and your team know what to do.


You, along with a crew of up to 6 members, are requested to destroy four garbage trucks from a rival crew around the city. Each truck is guarded by a number of heavily armed NPCs - once all the trucks are destroyed, the team needs to hit the rival crew operation in a group of abandoned warehouses in El Burro Heights. Destroy the 5 trucks parked there - each one of them would also be protected with several heavily armed NPCs.

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After all the trucks are destroyed, the crew needs to clean out all enemies left, along with another group arriving in a Granger. Once all the mobs are killed, the final quest of chasing down the crew boss on foot - the quest would finish after he is killed.

Mission objectives:

  • Destroy the garbage trucks.
  • Go to the rival operation in El Burro Heights.
  • Destroy the garbage trucks.
  • Take out the rival crew.
  • Take out the crew boss.

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2 - Pier Pressure

Two rival crews are having a drug meeting under the Del Perro Pier, and Gerald is interested in crashing it and steal a package of meth. This is where you come in - a crew of up to 4 players would head to the meeting under the pier and attack both the Lost and the Vagos.

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Overall, the best part of this mission is probably its simplicity - you only need to fight enemies without having to do any runaround.  It is automatically unlocked at rank 6, a fairly easy tier to get to... with the gameplay being just shooting all hostiles and delivering packages. The quest ends after you deliver the package to Gerald's apartment - you and your crew would earn $15k each.

Mission objectives:

  • Steal the meth.
  • Deliver the meth to Gerald's apartment.

3 - Rooftop Rumble

If you are trying to find an exciting solo challenge, Rooftop Rumble might be what you are looking for. It unlocks at rank 75 and has a payout of $20k or more based on how long you take doing it - this is great if you are experiencing disruptions - the more time you take, the more cash you get.

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The gameplay is more or less the same as Pier Pressure - you need to infiltrate a meeting between the FIB and Professionals, kill all hostiles and retrieve the documents. You would need to deal with a few waves of reinforcements arriving on Fugitives as well.

Once the documents are secured, just deliver them to Martin Madrazo's house on Hillcrest Avenue in Vinewood Hills to complete the mission and receive the money.

Mission objectives:

  • Go to the parking lot.
  • Take out the Professionals.
  • Steal the documents.
  • Deliver the documents to Madrazo's house.

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4 - Blow Up

Blow up is another easy to solo mission that can net you a fair bit of rewards upon completion. It unlocks at rank 12 - all you need to do is blowing up a couple of vehicles in a dealership down on Strawberry Avenue in Davis. The quest would be completed after you lose the wanted level and get back to the dealership.

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There are a lot of ways to deal with those vehicles - the player can use the jerry can in the parking lot, explosives/missile launchers... or even driving the cars to the gas station across the street and blow them all up. To save on explosives and shorten the time, it is worth getting the vehicles tightly packed together in the AOE of the blast. This also reduces the chance of police engagements.

Another good way to do this is to destroy all but one of the cars, drive that car to the dealership, stand in the yellow corona (that appears when instructed to return to the dealership)'s location, and destroy the final car using a long-range firearm. This would complete the quest right away.

Mission objectives:

  • Go to the rival dealership.
  • Destroy the cars.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Go to the dealership.

This is the end of our guide for the best mission in GTA 5 Online. Interested in more of our articles related to the GTA series? Please check out this post for a Step-By-Step Walkthrough of GTA 5 The Jewel Store Job Heist.