The Doomsday Heist is a three-part Heist sequence introduced to Grand Theft Auto Online in the Doomsday Heist update. In this article, we would showcase a step-by-step guide for GTA 5 Online Doomsday Heist Act 1: The Data Breaches.

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GTA 5 Online Heist 1

1 - Heist Requirements

Each act has its own setup cost that you need to pay to set up. Act 1 costs $65,000. You would also need to buy a Facility from Maze Bank Foreclosures to start the heist.  There are a total of 9 facilities with the cheapest costing $1,250,000.


While this mission needs 4 people to be completed fast, you only need 1 more player to actually complete it.

2 - Preparations & Setup Missions

Prep 1 - Paramedic Equipment

While the quest points you to a location, it is not necessary to do that. Just call 911 for an ambulance to your location, steal it and drive back into the facility.

Ambulance Gtav Front Lsmc

Setup 1 - Dead Courier

Get the data from the coroner's office - after searching the morgue, you will need to go upstairs to fight a laptop. Prepare for a fight. Get the data then get out of the facility. The mission would be completed once you have successfully get back to your facility.

Prep 2 - Deluxos

You need to get 4 Deluxos from a heavily guarded house in this mission. Just kill them all and steal the cars... however, as there are 4 of them, it is recommended to bring a friend or two with you to speed up the process.


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Setup 2 - Signal Intercepts

Get inside the Deluxos and hack some targets using your phone. There are 4 targets in vans, 4 targets in boats and 1 target in an airplane. The deluxos would get a hover/fly feature when you reach the part with the boats and plane, respectively.

Maxresdefault 1

To avoid the attacks while hacking:

  • Stay in front of the vans.
  • Circle around the boat while staying inside the yellow circle.
  • Have one person kill the choppers that appear to protect the plane.

Prep 3 - Akula

It is recommended that you get a Buzzard or an Oppressor Mark II for this mission, along with a lot of snacks and armor. In the mission, you would need to hack and get the data (about the location of the Akula) from Fort Zancudo's control tower. After the hack is done, get out using the Buzzard/Oppressor then head to the Akula and steal it. The quest would be completed after the Akula is delivered to your facility.

Akula Gtao Front

Setup 3 - Server Farm

Head to the N.O.O.S.E Headquarters in the Akula, land on the roof and infiltrate the building. Use silenced weapons to take out the guards and cameras while slowly getting to the Server Farm Entrance. Once inside, you and your friends would need to sneak around and hack the 4 servers.

Maxresdefault 2

Be sure to avoid the vision of cones of the guards and do not run when near the guards or else they will be alerted. Take note of all cameras and avoid them. Be careful when hacking - if you failed the hack, the alarm would ring and the area would be filled with guards.

Maxresdefault 3

Once the hack is done, leave the area. Don't head straight to the middle - just take your time, eliminate the guards and then move forward. Once you get outside, try to take down all cops and helicopters then rush to the Akula. The mission would be completed once you get back to the facility.

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3 - Act 1 Finale: The Data Breaches


  • Payout (normal): $650,000
  • Payout (hard): $812,500

The finale stage is actually fairly easy if you are careful. For this mission, you only need a full sock of snacks and armor, along with an Armored Kuruma (it would be very useful in the first half of the mission). Prepare for a lot of combat - it would be much faster if you have a crew of 4 instead of 2 in this mission, as there are just too many enemies to mow down.

Maxresdefault 4

Kill all guards outside the facility while inside the Kuruma then enter it. Take out anyone you encounter inside the facility and progress to the bottom floor. When you reach the "war room", take control of a missile turret and kill every soldier coming toward your location, along with a couple of helicopters. Keep the IAA's health bar high otherwise the mission would fail. The finale would be completed after all the soldiers retreat.

Elite Challenges

  • Complete in under 5:30 minutes
  • 78 kills
  • Nobody gets wasted

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