GTA 5 Paleto Score heist is the 4th heist mission in the game. In this heist, Michael, Franklin, Trevor, and a hired gunman raid the bank in Paleto Bay while fending off both the military and the local police.

The Paleto Score

1 - Preparation for the heist

You need to complete two setup missions to begin this heist - the Paleto Score Heist Setup mission lets you scout out the location... while the Military Hardware mission lets you attack a nearby Military convoy in Grand Senora Desert.

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Heist Setup

Michael, Trevor and Lester would go scout out the location of the bank and the response time of the cops. This mission is fairly easy - you only need to drive around a little and scout out the Paleto Bank.

Military Hardware

The player needs to attack a military convoy that is currently traveling through the Grand Senora Desert and steal the two crates that contain military hardware. It is best to stop the convoy with a sticky bomb trap, attack and take the truck that's carrying the crate, and speed away. The mission would be completed once you have taken it to the meth lab. The truck cannot be towed with a Towtruck and cannot be picked up by a Cargobob.

The heist would be ready after both missions are completed. There are two challenges that you must complete to get a gold medal for this:

  • Head Hunter - Kill 5 enemies with a headshot.
  • Sticky Strategist - Stop the convoy using a sticky bomb trap.

To make sure that the sticky bomb trap works, you can park your vehicle right behind the trap so that the enemy convoy would stop - leaving ample time for you to trigger the bombs.

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2 - GTA 5 Paleto Score Heist Step-By-Step Walkthrough

There is only one approach in this heist - a full-frontal assault. The crew would drive to Paleto Bay, drop Franklin off, then head to the entrance of the bank. Trevor then shoots the camera, triggering the security alarm. Afterward, Trevor and Michael would work on crowd control while the hired gunman opens the safe deposit box's door with a blowtorch. When they finally get in and start taking money, the cop arrives and the robbery turns into a hostage situation.

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Michael, Trevor and the Gunman would go out in full military gear, including body armor and a minigun, to fight the cops. The player controlling them would need to take out everyone, including a helicopter - and advance toward the houses afterward. NOOSE now appears and the crew must fight their way down the street into a construction yard. At this point, if you hired an unskilled gunman, the guy would be crushed by a police car (you can recover the bag of money he's holding afterward). If a skilled gunman is chosen, nothing would happen.


The Military then arrives with a few Rhinos and a lot of soldiers - the player is guaranteed to lose about $20k in this fight. Franklin arrives and saves Trevor and Michael with a Dozer, bringing them to the railway platform near the Cluckin' Bell chicken factory after a chase. The player needs to hold them off and wait until the train arrives - the quest ends after everyone jumps on it.

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3 - How To Get Maximum Revenue

You can just hire a cheap gunman and let the guy get killed... as tanking the casualty expenses is still more profitable than using the better ones (like Packie, Chef, or Gus). While Daryl Johns is the cheapest at 9% (with casualty costs)... it is strategically better to sacrifice Norm Richards (10.5%) to save Daryl for the Big Score.

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Maximum gross take: ~ $8,016,020 (you might lose some during the shootout)

The FIB and Lester would take 78% of the whole thing, leaving the crew with about 1.7 million left. Afterward, Lester would take 12% of the pot, with Daryl or Norm getting 9 or 10.5%, depend on whoever you picked. Each protagonist would get about 450k, in the best scenario.

4 - Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time - Complete within 16:00: Skip all cutscenes and try to complete the mission as fast as possible.
  • Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 50%: Use Michael's special ability to do this - try to concentrate on making body shots.
  • Let it Rain - Fire over 4000 bullets. Use Trevor's Minigun to fire as many bullets as you can.
  • Collateral Damage - Cause $1,000,000 damage in Paleto Bay. You only need to destroy the gas station on the left side when the player first leaves the bank. Just shoot any pump.

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