GTA V has three different endings: "Kill Trevor", "Kill Michael" and "Deathwish". In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about GTA V Endings and point out whether they are canon or not.

1 - GTA V Ending Quests

After the trio pulled off the Union Depository heist, Franklin is visited by both Devin Weston and Steve Haines. Steve orders Franklin to kill Trevor Philips... while Devin orders him to kill Michael De Santa. The player, as Franklin, has to choose which one of the two he is going to kill... however, he can take the third option to team up with Trevor and Michael to eliminate all their enemies.

2 - GTA V Ending A: "Kill Trevor"

Apparently, this choice is confirmed non-canon, with cutscenes from the DLC showing Trevor to be alive and well.

If the player chooses this path, the mission "Something Sensible" would begin. Franklin sets up a meeting with Trevor to "discuss the problems they are facing", but pulls a gun on Trevor in the process, claiming that the latter would get the whole crew killed. Baffled, Trevor remarks that he has been nothing but truthful to Franklin, which the latter accepts but does not let down the gun.

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Trevor then escapes in his truck, with Franklin giving chase. Michael joins and rams the side of Trevor's truck with his car, causing it to crash into a gas tanker. A battered and broken Trevor angrily denounces Franklin and Michael as "Judases", ordering Franklin to "take the shot".

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Franklin would then shoots the fuel, igniting it and burning Trevor to death. Michael and Franklin then go their separate ways... while he still considers Franklin to be a close friend, Trevor's death has affected him deeply. After the credits, the player can only choose to play as Michael and Franklin.

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3 - GTA V Ending B: "Kill Michael"

This choice is also confirmed to be non-canon, with cutscenes from DLC showing Michael to be alive and well.

If the player chooses this path, the mission "The Time's Come " would begin. Franklin sets up a meeting with Michael and calls Trevor for backup... but Trevor claims that he is done dealing with traitors. Upon confronting Michael, Franklin slips up, causing the former to realize that Franklin is sent to kill him.

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Michael then escapes with Franklin on his tail - they stop at the Palmer-Taylor Power Station and fight, with Franklin overpowers Michael after a short scuffle. Michael then laments about how he was the only person who gave Franklin a chance... which makes Franklin hesitate after pushing the former off the edge. The game then gives you a choice to either hoist Michael up or drop him... but Michael dies in either choices, as he headbutts Franklin if the player chooses the first option.

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Franklin walks away and calls Lamar on the phone to make amends. After Trevor and Michael's family find out about Franklin's deed, they all want nothing to do with him anymore. After the credits, the player can only choose to play as Franklin and Trevor.

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4 - GTA V Ending C: Deathwish

If the player picks the third option "Deathwish", the mission "The Third Way" would begin. In this mission, Franklin asks Lester for help instead... who then comes up with a plan. They call Michael and Trevor then lure the FIB and Merryweather into a trap at the foundry, using the pretense of melting down the gold from the Union Depository heist.

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Franklin, Michael, Lamar, and Trevor fight both the FIB’s strike team and Merryweather mercenaries. Once all hostiles are defeated, the trio, with help from Lester, creates another plan to take down the rest of their enemies. Trevor volunteers to kill Steve Haines, Michael sets out to kill Harold "Stretch" Joseph, and Franklin sets out to kill Wei Cheng.


Once Haines, Stretch and Cheng have been dealt with, Trevor kidnaps Devin and phones Michael and Franklin so that they can "make him disappear" together. After pushing Devin off a cliff in a car, the story ends with the trio driving home. You can play all 3 characters after this ending.

5 - GTA V Endings Trivia

After choosing one of the three endings, players can "replay" the other two using the "Replay Mission" button in the pause menu. Rockstar has done this so that players can experience all 3 endings without having to restart the game over and over again. Choosing an alternate ending after completing the game will not affect the player in normal story mode.

Out of all 3 endings, B has the most consequences in the game, with Franklin and Trevor no longer being allies anymore. Trevor won't be able to hang out with Lamar and Jimmy can't be called to hang out with either of the surviving protagonists.

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