Over the past 20 years, Rockstar Games has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the games industry, with their two latest titles, GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 being amongst the biggest successes ever in the video game world.

However, this is not the first time this happens. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best games made by Rockstar.

5 - Grand Theft Auto III

Release: 2001

GTA III is one of the titles that change video games forever - it is the first GTA title with an interactive 3D sandbox open-world. In this game, you would step into the shoes of a criminal out for revenge... after escaping from the back of a prison truck. The game is played from a 3rd-person perspective and you can navigate its world by either foot or vehicle. The open-world design lets players freely roam the three main islands of Liberty City.

Grand Theft Auto Iii Switch

You would be working your way up the crime world, assassinating, transporting illegal materials, prostitution, dealing drugs... and getting up to all sorts of mayhem. These are the topics that were often avoided at the time.

4 - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Release: 2002

Vice City is an expansion of GTA III's concept, bringing players to the neon lights of the City of Vice. Vice City is based on Miami in the 1980s, which is a highly varied urban sprawl ranging from beaches to swamps, glitz to ghetto. You would follow the footsteps of mobster Tommy Vercetti on his revenge journey and slowly building a criminal empire - seizing power from other criminal organizations in the city.

Gta Vice City Android
GTA Vice City

The voiced character and the improved storyline are probably the best improvements that Vice City has over its predecessors. Everything else is more or less the same as GTA 3.

3 - Red Dead Redemption

Release: 2010

While Red Dead Redemption did the gameplay part pretty well, its best feature is probably the storyline. Red Dead Redemption is set during the decline of the American frontier in the year 1911 and follows John Marston, a former outlaw whose wife and son are taken hostage by the government in ransom for his services as a hired gun. Having no other choice, Marston sets out to bring three members of his former gang to justice.


The result is one of the best stories ever told in a game, with a lengthy collection of memorable one-liners as well as an unforgettable final act.

2 - Grand Theft Auto V

Release: 2013

There's not much else that you can say about GTA V, as everyone probably already knows it. It is the most successful Rockstar game on this list. GTA V offered a deep, engaging story mode filled with great missions and sympathetic characters in the city of Los Santos. The gunplay, driving mechanics, and physics have been retooled since GTA IV to make combat more exhilarating.

Gta V Skip Missions

While its story might not be as good as Red Dead Redemption, its combination of a good story and a robust single-player campaign is definitely something harder to accomplish.

1 - Red Dead Redemption II

Release: 2018

After a long wait, Red Dead Redemption II finally released and exceeded players' expectations. It features a ridiculously complex world filled with intractable NPCs that maintain schedules, realistic ecosystems where animals hunt one another, which has never been attempted before on any AAA games.

Red Dead Redemption

This complexity and allure of this world are only matched by the masterful storytelling in Red Dead Redemption II’s campaign. You would step into the gang leader Arthur Morgan on his adventures across the western front as an outlaw.

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