Vehicles are probably the biggest part of the Grand Theft Auto Series... and when you mention them, most people would think about cars. While they are still really useful - motorcycles are definitely a good alternative. They are faster and easier to control - you would be able to get around without having to worry about hitting objects on the road.

Apocalypsedeathbike Gtao Front
Apocalypse Deathbike

In this article, we would list out the top 5 fastest bikes to use in the game.

1 - Which bike has the highest top speed?

  1. Deathbike - 150 mph
  2. BF400 - 137 mph
  3. Bati 801 - 135 mph
  4. Hakuchou - 134 mph
  5. Ruffian - 127 mph

If you don't turn at all and just go from A to B, these 5 bikes are the fastest. There's a trick to maintain the highest speed possible with bikes in GTA Online - you need to constantly pull wheelies to keep the top speed up. Some bikes can even be glitched with sustained wheelies to exceed their maximum speed even.


The reason that the Deathbike is on top of this list is probably its ability to use Nitro boost - it gives the vehicles the extra boost it needs to be on top. To get the Deathbike you need to invest in an Arena War arena workshop, then convert a Gargoyle bike for a cool GTA$1,269,000 – which means you're looking at a GTA$2m+ total investment to unlock this beast.


Behind that, the BF400, Bati 801, and the Hakichou (which have similar top speed) are much easier to get - you can just buy them from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website.

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2 - Which bike has the highest Lap Speed?

If you are turning left and right while moving around, these bikes are actually faster. This is probably because of their better acceleration and handling. These times are based on multiple runs of the Cutting Coroners GP circuit.

  1. Shotaro - 00:57.490
  2. Hakuchou Drag - 00:57.590
  3. Bati 801 - 00:58.625
  4. Akuma - 00:58.892
  5. Deathbike - 00:59.017

Overall, the Shotaro and the Hakuchou Drag are on top, with both of them being available in Legendary Motorsports. To get the Shotaro, you'll first need to play at least one round of the Deadline Adversary Mode then pay $2,225,000... while the Hakuchou Drag is less than half of that, at $976,000.

Shotaro Gtao Front

While the Deathbike has the fastest top speed, its handling is heavier and because of that... it just can't be compared with the other 4 on this list.

3 - Which is the best bike to buy?

The Bati 801 is probably the best motorcycle for your money. At the cost of just $15,000, you would be able to get a 3rd top speed and 3rd lap speed bike, which is much more efficient than the other million dollars bikes.

Bati801 Gtav Front F07e_wm
Bati 801

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