Heists are the core of GTA 5's story, with the main cast raiding a location for money and resources. In this article, we would go through all the Heists In GTA V's single-player campaign and find out which one of them is the best.


In GTA 5 there are a total of 6 heists - and in this list, we are going to rank them based on quality. You can check out the video in each section to find out how to do heists in GTA V.

6 - The Merryweather Heist

In this heist, Trevor enlists the help of Michael, Franklin, Wade, and Floyd to rob Merryweather Security of a high-tech device. In terms of story, the Merryweather Heist is amongst the strongest, with the crew hitting a big corporation instead of just a normal establishment. However, when the gameplay is considered, this one is probably at the very bottom of the list.

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The setup missions of this heist are the worst - with one involving stealing a slow-moving minisub (it would take ages to arrive at the destination) and Scouting the Port, one of the most boring missions in GTA history. Besides this terrible setup phase, the heists aren't really anything special either... and the protagonists won't get paid regardless of the approach you took.

5 - The Paleto Score

This heist is another job for the FIB; Michael, Franklin, Trevor, and a hired gunman (player's choice) raid the bank in Paleto Bay and fend off both the local police and the military. Overall, this heist is probably the one with the highest body count on this list, as going in stealthily is not an option.

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The Paleto Bank is located in a remote location - it is where the corrupt police force of the town hides all their money... and on the way out, you would have to deal with every single one of them. The worst part of the shootout is probably Trevor and Michael's slow movement speed due to the weight of their armor - you would only be able to move around at a snail's pace when getting shot at from multiple directions.

If you love GTA's gameplay and enjoy the heavy action sequence, you might be able to bear with the Paleto Score's standard shootout.

4 - Blitz Play

In Blitz Play, by orders of the FIB; Michael, Franklin, and Trevor take down a Securicar, steal the security bonds, and fight off several waves of police until an opening is found which allows each of them to escape. This is a homage to Heat, a 1995 movie, in which a team of robbers attacks an armored car. The color of the armored truck is pretty much identical to the one in the movie.

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This Heist would let you take control of a damaged truck and try to get out as fast as possible under the cover of your team. With the speedy arrival of the police, the crew has to shoot their way out. While this heist is somewhat barebone in terms of gameplay choices and approaches, it is very well-paced and cinematic - just enough to warrant a place high up on the list.

3 - The Jewel Store Job

Michael enlists the help of Lester, Franklin, a gunman, a driver, and a hacker to rob a Vangelico jewelry store to pay back money to Martin Madrazo for wrecking the house of Natalia Zverovna, Martin's girlfriend. This is the first "introductory" heist in the game and the one with the smallest payout. In this job, Michael would be introducing Franklin to the world of robberies and heists.

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The heist introduces the basic mechanics of GTA 5's heists - from the different approaches to the setup missions and the choices that change the rewards and results of the heist. There's nothing much about the Jewel Store Job itself... however, story-wise it is a turning moment with Michael embraces his past of being a robber and returns to do it again.

2 - The Bureau Raid

In the Bureau Raid, Michael and Franklin infiltrate the FIB Headquarters to retrieve incriminating evidence against Steve Haines. This is one of the most daring heists in the game, with the crew infiltrating the IAA's headquarters - mission impossible style. This is one of the most exciting heists in the game, with a lot of gameplay variety and different possible outcomes based on your choices.

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Because of the different approaches, it is still fun after multiple playthroughs - this can't be said for the rest of the heists on this list. Regardless of your approach, it would devolve into a shootout toward the end - creating a sequence of action-packed gameplay with you rampaging through the IAA's headquarter.

1 - The Big Score

In this heist arranged by Merryweather; Michael, Franklin, and Trevor go for the biggest heist of their lives to steal millions of dollars worth of gold bullion from the Union Depository. Throughout GTA 5's Story Mode, "the Big Score" has been built up as the biggest job the crew has ever take. It is a lifelong dream of Michael, Trevor, and Lester and they have been investing in it since the start of the game.

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This is THE HEIST in GTA V - the team's final challenge

The heist would be an exciting experience regardless of the approach you pick. The stealth approach would have the player being in high-pressure situations constantly... while the loud approach is pretty over the top - with the player climbing on a helicopter while launching rockets at enemies' helicopters.

Overall, the Big Score is definitely the best Heist in the game and is a worthwhile final arc for the whole story of GTA 5.

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