GTA 5 is one of the best open-world games ever made - and because of that, it has a huge number of missions that you can accept and complete. In this GTA V Mission List, we would create a shortlist for the top 10 best quests in the game.

10 - Caida Libre

This one of the many jobs from the cartel leader Martin Madrazo. In this quest, Trevor and Michael would take out Madrazo's cousin Javier, who's flying into Los Santos to testify against him. Players would get to literally shoot a plane out of the sky with a high-powered sniper rifle with Michael... and Trevor would use a dirtbike to get to the crashing jet to finish the job.

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9 - Three's Company

This is the first mission that unites all three player characters in the main storyline. The objective is to help the FIB kidnap Ferdinand Kerimov, a prisoner of the IAA. Overall, this mission is a blast with each character having a different role: Trevor flies the helicopter, Michael rappels down to kidnap Kerimov while Franklin is on standby for back-up with a sniper rifle.

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8 - The Wrap-Up

In this mission, the two-player characters would be tied up in a war between three factions:  FIB, IAA, And Merryweather. This is probably one of the most action-packed missions in the game, with players forced to escape the Kortz Center museum while under attack by hordes of enemies. The dual-perspective mission gives both sniper and duck-and-cover shooters ample opportunities amidst the chaos that includes an air-to-ground battle with a helicopter.


7 - Blitz Play

In this quest, the three protagonists rob an armored truck filled with cash for the IAA. They decided to use a "Blitz approach" - blocking the car with a truck then ram it with another vehicle to break it down and get the money. Afterward, they would need to deal with a huge wave of reinforcements to escape the area.

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6 - Lamar Down

Lamar Davis is one of the best characters in GTA V who first appears as a long-time friend of Franklin's before he also befriends Trevor.  In this mission, all 3 player characters would attack the hideout of the Ballas gang to take back Lamar who has been kidnapped.

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The best part about this mission is that the game gives players the opportunity to strategically take out the Ballas and rescue Lamar instead of just going in gun blazing.

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5 - The Jewel Score

The tutorial heist Jewel Score is actually one of the more well-crafted heists in the game, giving players the first taste of the best missions in GTA 5. Players would be able to customize a lot of aspects in preparation, from crew members to approach method... and more.

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Michael and Franklin can go "smart" by posing as a fumigation company and knock everyone out with sleeping gas or just use the "loud" approach a.k.a drive up holding weapons.

4 - The Bureau Raid

In this heist, the player characters are asked by Steve Haines to hit the FIB building and steal any records of his crimes. This is one of the later heists in the game, however, only Michael and Franklin are involved, as Trevor is still angry at Michael.

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There are two methods for the player to approach this heist - they can either pose as janitors and rig the building with bombs or land on the top with a helicopter and hit the location from the roof.

3 - The Paleto Score

One of the most daring heists in the game, with the three protagonists hitting a literal fortress near the Paleto Bay - this is where the local mafia and dirty cops store their money. In order to escape with the cash, players will need to hold off both the cops and the local army, who even has a tank. The whole quest is action-packed high octane for the entire time, so don't expect to be able to stop and breathe once the robbery starts.

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2 - The Big Score

This is the biggest job that Michael and Trevor have always dreamed of pulling. In "the big score", they would hit the Union Depository along with Franklin. There are two different approaches that you can undertake - one involves disguising as the driver who's in charge of getting the gold bars around... while the other is literally drilling into the vault from underground with a gigantic drill machine and grab the gold.

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The heist is stealthy at first but becomes crazy dangerous as the police find out what's happening.

1 - The Third Way

This is the third variant of the final quest, which is considered the canon ending. In this mission, instead of going along with the big organizations and kill his friends, Franklin decides to turn the table on them instead. He call Michael and Trevor then lure the FIB and Merryweather into a trap at the foundry, using the pretense of melting down the gold from the Union Depository heist.

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Franklin, Michael, Lamar, and Trevor fight both the FIB’s strike team and Merryweather mercenaries. Once all hostiles are defeated, the trio, with help from Lester, creates another plan to take down the rest of their enemies. Trevor volunteers to kill Steve Haines, Michael sets out to kill Harold "Stretch" Joseph, and Franklin sets out to kill Wei Cheng.

This is the best amongst GTA V all missions

Once Haines, Stretch and Cheng have been dealt with, Trevor kidnaps Devin and phones Michael and Franklin so that they can "make him disappear" together. After pushing Devin off a cliff in a car, the story ends with the trio driving home. You can play all 3 characters after this ending.

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