GTA Online is the multiplayer of GTA 5, one of the best RPG ever made. Due to its sheer scope and complexity, getting started is not easy. Therefore, in this GTA Online Beginners Guide, we would list out the top 10 things that new players need to do in order to get a good start in the game.

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1 - Don't skip the Tutorial

You will get to create your own GTA character when you first log in to the game and after that, the real fun begins. Lamar would pick you up at the airport and take you on a ride while explaining about the city and guide you through the basics, including races, missions, shopping, and robberies, as well as introducing you to several other handy contacts.

While it is tempting to just say "screw it" and skip, the tutorial also gives you 3 free levels upon completion - there is no reason to not complete it at least once or twice.

2 - Pick a good starter car

One of the first things a new player is asked to do is to steal a vehicle off the street and make it their own. This choice is fairly important early on, as saving cash is a huge struggle. Without a house or garage, you can only store 1 car at a time.

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While you can pick a car for free the first time, there's a restriction on that: players are not allowed to take expensive vehicles. This limits the options by a lot - below are the 5 viable cars that you should pick as your starter.

  • Vapid Dominator
  • Zion Cabrio
  • Benefactor Schwartzer
  • Ocelot F620
  • Ocelot Jackal

3 - Buy Tracker and Insurance for your Vehicle

With GTA Online being multiplayer... you can steal vehicles from other players and they can do the same to yours. The tracker would show the location of your vehicle on the map at all times so that you can either get it back yourself or put up a bounty. Insurance, on the other hand, would protect your vehicle from getting damaged or lost.


The first car you get from the tutorial will automatically have insurance. From the second car onward, you have to purchase insurance via Mors Mutual Insurance Company.

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4 - Complete 2x or 3x RP and money events

It is important that you complete the weekly featured events that give extra bonuses to money and RP. This is a great way to get resources for new players - placing last in those events would still give you more cash than a standard mission without bonuses.

Gta 5 Money

5 - Frequently look at the mini-map

There would always be griefers in your game. In GTA Online, you will often see white dots on mini-map, which represent other players. While not everyone is aggressive, it is best to just be vary of their general location, as you might get killed for no reason.

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6 -  Get weapons, health, armor and ammunition

It is easy to get weapons in GTA V as you can just loot them from dead enemies. However, GTA Online fights are more dangerous - it is best that you buy your gun in the early game instead of fight enemies to get their guns. In order to have more gun varieties and gun customizations, you need to level up your reputation level by playing the game.

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You can buy snacks for restoring your health from stores and vending machines. Armor and ammunition can be bought in Ammu-nation. The latter can also be bought straight from the menu at an extra cost.

7 - Make sure that your Aim Assist is on

While this is for console players only, you could definitely use some of that aimbot even if you are playing on PC. Plug in a controller and turn it on - this would increase your accuracy exponentially.

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8 - Save up to buy a high-end apartment

Buying a low-end or mid-tier apartment is a waste of money, as only high-end apartments can be used to host heists. Besides that, players also get access to a 10 car garage with that tier of apartments as well - don't waste money on anything else until you unlocked the heists.

GTA V Online Beginners Guide: a high-end apartment

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9 - Bank Everything You Make

Try to bank anything you make, from 5k upwards. If you don't do that, everything might be stolen if you get randomly killed by some other players. You can either go to an ATM or just use your phone to deposit cash.

GTA V Online Beginners Guide
GTA 5 Online Beginners Guide: ATM machines

10 - Use passive mode

If you are tired of having to fight other players all the time, just turn on passive mode. It is an immortal mode in which you can't be killed or damaged by other players... but you also can't interact with them. With it activated, your character would look like a ghost to other players... and any vehicles you enter would become invincible.

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The weakness of passive mode is that you can’t join any Freemode Events with it active... and you can't activate it if you are having a bounty on your head.

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