The frequent updates are the reason that GTA Online remains one of the most played PC games in the world... 8 years after its initial debut. Amongst the new content patch added to the game over the years, the recent Cayo Perico heist is probably the best.

Thecayopericoheist Gtao Artwork

In this article, we would list out the top 5 reasons that Cayo Perico is the best update ever in GTA Online.

1 - It features a brand new location

Instead of the usual city of Los Santos, the Cayo Perico heist would take players to a brand new location that they have never been to before. Rockstar has never done this - all previous patches in the last 8 years were Los Santos only. Cayo Perico, on the other hand, is a private island in the Caribbean sea... and due to the tropical nature, it reminds people of GTA Vice City.

2 - The heist has an interesting story

Most heists in GTA Online come with an interesting backstory... and the Cayo Perico has the best one amongst them. It includes all the good aspects of GTA Online's storytelling and incorporate them into the gameplay in an easy-to-follow style. The characters on the island are very entertaining, with the prime example being El Rubio.

Gta Cayo Perico Heist Start

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3 - The gameplay is fresh and entertaining

There are multiple ways for the player to complete the Cayo Perico heist, and all of them are pretty fun to play. It doesn't feel like a drag when replaying, with one method being worse than another.

4 - Excellent reward

Getting more money is pretty much the core gameplay of GTA Online, and the Cayo Perico Heist is an excellent way to acquire it. A player can grind the heist endlessly without having to worry about being inefficient. The pay is excellent, the content is fun... and the difficulty is just enough - after you have figured out the trick, it is just impossible to fail.

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5 - It can be done solo

This is the biggest advantage that this heist has over others - the ability to be completed solo. Other heists force you to call for some friends in order to complete... but not everyone has friends who play this game... and even if they do, chances that they are not always available.

Relying on random strangers on the internet is just unreliable... and that's why the ability to solo a heist is the best thing ever introduced in GTA Online.

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