Players have been seeing the sight of many mysterious UFOs in various locations in GTA Online. This could be a massive hint that Rockstar gives players for the upcoming GTA Halloween Suprise 2021 update. Unlike all the prop UFOs that appeared in the game, these UFOs can be interacted with and players have been trying a lot of things. In this article, we are going to show you the GTA Online UFO locations, appearing time along with everything we know so far about these mysterious objects.

1. GTA Online UFO location map and appear time

According to GTA officials, these UFOs will appear at a certain time period, at a different location each day. These UFOs in GTA Online can be seen within 22:00 - 3:00 (in-game time) at 6 different locations.

Below is the GTA Online UFO location map for October, 2021.

  • October 15th Above Paleto bay by the ocean
Gta Online Ufo Location 1
GTA Online UFO location on October 15
  • October 16th Above the underwater Crashed UFO GTA 5
Gta Online Ufo Location 2
GTA Online UFO location on October 16
  • October 17th Above mount Chilliad
Gta Online Ufo Location 3
GTA Online UFO location on October 17
  • October 18th Above el Gordo lighthouse
Gta Online Ufo Location 4
GTA Online UFO location on October 18
  • October 19th Above the altruist camp
Gta Online Ufo Location 5
GTA Online UFO location on October 19
  • October 20th Above the beam me up Mural
Gta Online Ufo Location 6
GTA Online UFO location on October 20

2. What can you do with UFOs in GTA Online?

Naturally, every player in GTA Online is curious to know what these UFOs are so they have been doing quite a lot of experimentings on them. Below are all the interactions we know so far with these UFOs.

Get close to the UFO

Of course, when you see a UFO in GTA Online, your first instinct will be trying to get close to it to see what it is. However, when you get too close to a UFO, there will be a light strike in the background and the UFO will disappear instantly.

Also, if you are on a vehicle, your vehicle will stop functioning and you can't control them anymore for a few seconds.

Get Close To Ufo Gta Online
The UFO will disappear when players try to get too close to it.

A player also tried to get close to the UFO on foot but the result was the same and the UFO disappeared. Another player tried to drop into the UFO from a very high latitude but the UFO still disappeared as he got close.

However, a player found out that you can use a Nano Drone to observe the UFO up close and it won't disappear.

Ufo Gta
Players can use a Nano Drone to approach the UFO and it won't disappear.

Shoot the UFOs with Orbital Cannon

A GTA player on Reddit shared that he tried to shoot a UFO with the Orbital Cannon. Players tried to shoot this UFO with many weapons but there was no reaction at all.

The Orbital Cannon is the most powerful weapon in GTA Online and it can destroy any players instantly so if there is any weapon that can damage these UFOs at all, it must be the Orbital Cannon.

Ufo Orbital Cannon
The UFO fired back at the command center after it get shot by the Ortital Canonn.

In his video, the mentioned player made a clean hit on the UFO, however, it wasn't even scratched a little bit. What's more surprising was that when he exited the cannon’s targeting screen and returned to the command center, there was a countdown warning. When the timer reached zero, the command center shook with the sound of debris falling down. The UFO clearly fired back at the player and luckily, there was no casualty.

3. Is this a GTA Online UFO Halloween teaser?

Rockstar said that there will be a "big surprise" for this GTA Online Halloween 2021 update and they recently made a tweet that said: "Strange sightings in GTA Online as Halloween approaches." That means these UFOs will definitely play some parts in the upcoming GTA Halloween Suprise 2021 update.

UFO GTA Online is not a too strange thing. In last year's GTA Online Halloween event, they also featured a UFO-themed event called UFO Battle, where players need to steal 8 Spaceship Parts and deliver them to Omega. We can expect that there will be some similar kinds of events for this Halloween or something even better.

Gta Online Ufo Mission
UFO Battle mission in GTA Online Halloween 2020

Rockstar will probably reveal more information about these UFOs on Thursday (October 21) or at the latest on October 28, when the Halloween Suprise 2021 update begins. In the meanwhile, you can try to find the UFOs using the GTA Online UFO location map above to see if you can find out anything about them yourselves.

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