To guys who want to experience and live the thug life of a real gangster, GTA 5 is just a dream come true. Being said to be one of the world’s best open-world games ever, The latest title of the Rockstar GTA’s franchise. Having a plethora of activities for players to bog down in, police chase is still the good old favorite.

In the police chase, the Wanted Level indicated how much you’re good at dealing with the cops and how bad you are as a crime. A GTA 5 player who reaches the highest Wanted Level - 5 stars - is considered a notorious crime and is hunted down by several police cars and even NOOSE vehicles.

Gta 5 Online 5 Star Wanted Level
There are several ways to commit a crime and get 5-star Wanted Level in GTA 5, however, which one will give you the highest level in no time?

Despite being an old feature, it’s more challenging for players to reach 5 stars Wanted Level in GTA 5 as the police are more intelligent and have many new techniques to catch the gangster. If you’re all set to challenge yourself against an endless line of vehicles, police Mavericks, and even a tank, here are the crimes you need to commit to becoming the world’s deadliest gangster:

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How to get 5 stars Wanted Level in GTA 5

  • Keeping on killing more civilians as much as possible
  • Attacking the law enforcement and killing more policemen
  • Wrecking up all types of vehicles from cars, planes, boats, and others in a large quantity
  • Setting the Los Santos Airport Runway on fire with a missile

Gta 5 Online 5 Star Wanted Level 2

Apart from the above steps, there is also a fast way to get yourself into an intense chase: breaking into Fort Zancudo and stealing the Lazer Jet. You will definitely create chaos and ramp things up instantaneously.

Above is the fastest way to spice up your game and get 5 stars wanted level quickly in GTA 5. Get ready to be the most wanted criminal in GTA 5 right now? It's time to make your wish come true!

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