While the world of GTA 5 is one of the most realistic RPG ever created to date, it still has a lot of things to be desired. In this article, we are going to list the top 5 realism mods for GTA 5 story mode to make the game mechanics even more realistic.

1. GTA Redux

GTA 5 Redux is perhaps the most ambitious mod ever created for the Grand Theft Auto series. It overhauls almost every single aspect of the base game for a more realistic experience. Visual-wise, almost all aspects have been modified, with significantly upgraded 4K textures. Your game will look super photorealistic.

GTA Redux
GTA Redux is amongst the biggest realism mods for GTA 5.

The gameplay also gets a good number of upgrades as well. From the Police system to Weapons, Melee, Explosions & Damage and even Population, Random Events & Pedestrian Ai, the mod has pretty much everything. Vehicles handling is also improved.

Overall, if you what to completely overhaul all aspects of the game, GTA Redux is the top choice.

2. Basic Needs Mod Pack

The Basic Needs mod pack turns GTA into a survival game. It makes the game feel lifelike by making your character get hungry and thirsty in real time, just as often as an average person would. Furthermore, there is also a "stress meter" that forces characters to go to sleep occasionally.

To aid players with survival, this mod also introduces working restaurants, motels, and safe house fridges so that players can easily take care of their basic needs. Overall, one of the most realistic mods to try out.

Basic Needs Mod Pack
Basic Needs Mod Pack has survival mechanics added in.

3. World of Variety

The most unrealistic thing in an open world game is to see identical characters and cars walking around, next to each other. The World of Variety mod will deal with this issue. It introduces models and other assets from GTA Online into the single player version of Los Santos.

By installing World of Variety, players will encounter a lot more NPCs and the traffic in the city would also look much more diverse.

World of Variety
World of Variety contains a lot of unique NPCs.

4. Better Chases+

Better chases+ is a mod that overhauls the wanted system and makes the game much more engaging. It introduces a gradual suspect ID process that adds an Arrest Warrant system with new gameplay after a chase ends. Overall, this is the best wanted system amongst realism mods for GTA 5.

Each character & vehicle can have its own arrest warrant. If the police identify your vehicle in a chase, escape and then get a new vehicle or risk the police recognizing it and starting the chase again.

Better Chases+
Better Chases+ identifies your vehicles.

5. Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement

This mod overhauls the police system in a different way than #4, as it focuses on AI. Most crimes will now require people to have to call the police on you. This means stealth is now possible - just stop pedestrians from dialing 9-11 and you can kill without worry.

Stealth, in general, has been improved. Silencers will reduce the chance of people hearing your gunshots. Furthermore, people won't have superhuman hearing and sight - this means stealth melee kills are very viable now.

Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement
Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement has much harder combat.

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