There are a lot of cars in GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, each with its own unique appearance and attributes. While most cars in the game are easy to get, some are exclusive and only appear in certain missions in the game. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 rarest cars in GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition.

1. Pheonix

The Pheonix is the rarest car in the GTA Trilogy. It never spawns normally on the road and can only be found on San Fierro races. Players need to start the San Fierro Hills race to play using this car.

To get Pheonix car in GTA remastered trilogy, after the race starts, just take it to the Pay'n'Spray in Doherty. Get out of the car for at least 30 seconds to fail the mission. Afterward, players will be sent to the race selector location, with the Phoenix right next to them. This action grants access to the rarest car in GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition.

Pheonix is one of the rarest race cars in GTA Trilogy.

2. The Euros

The Euros is locked behind the first 2 car export lists. After players completed these lists, they can find the Euros parked at the entrance of the "Camel's Toe" in Las Venturas. To acquire the car, just drive it to your garage and save it. However, if the car is locked on spawn, players might need to use a tow truck in order to get it to their garage.

The Euros is a two-door sports car featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Its styling cues clearly resemble the Nissan 300ZX (Z32), with the rear lights and bumper from the older Nissan 300ZX (Z31).

The Euros
The Euros is the final tier car in San Andreas.

3. Romero's Hearse

As expected from a vehicle tailored to transport the deceased, The Romero's Hearse is a black station wagon-like car with a rear compartment designed to carry a coffin. It is one of the hardest cars to get in GTA Vice City.

The Romero's Hearse only appears during the mission "Two Bit Hit" in GTA Vice City. During the mission, players need to steal it and save the car in their garage, while failing the mission in the process. This car is unique and does not spawn at all in the open world.

Romero's Hearse
Romero's Hearse is a funeral car.

4. Deluxo

The Deluxo is GTA's version of the fictional DMC DeLorean from the famous Back to the Future movie trilogy. For them to spawn, players need to complete the first garage checklist at Sunshine Auto in GTA Vice City.

Outside of the above method, there's no other way to unlock the car. At least it does not cost anything. Furthermore, it only appears in GTA Vice City's story - you cannot obtain it in 3 or San Andreas.

Deluxo is based on a fictional car.

5. FBI car

The FBI car is probably the hardest car to get in GTA 3 if players just play the game normally. The car does not spawn on the normal map at all. Players have to go out of their way to do a 5 star wanted level rampage for FBI cars to start showing up.

Afterward, players need to eliminate the FBI officers who are driving the cars to steal them. These "FBI cars" are actually the Kuruma, painted in all black.

FBI car
FBI car is a black kuruma.

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