GTA 5 allows players to drift cars and perform spectacular skills with their vehicles. This is one of the reasons why this game is so popular and successful; you can do what you cannot do in real life. And here's the detailed guidelines on how to make a drift car in GTA 5.

Learn To Drift Cars In Gta 5
Learn to drift cars in GTA 5 to make your speed dreams come true.

I. How To Get A Drift Car In GTA 5

To have a drift car in GTA 5, you need to buy a drift car, then apply all performance upgrades except for the brakes. That's the only way on how to make a drift car in GTA 5 story mode.

Here are some of the best drift cars for beginners and their prices in this game.

  • Benefactor Schwartzer

Price: $80,000

It's one of the best sedans for drifting in GTA 5, especially for beginners because it's easy to control. Besides, it's not too expensive.

  • Willard Faction

Price: $36,000

It's the best drift car with a smooth operation. You don't need to buy performance upgrades. Moreover, it's very cheap.

  • Dewbauchee Rapid GT

Price: $132,000 - $140,000

It's pretty more expensive than the two previous choices, but it's totally affordable in this game. You can also learn drifting easily with this car.

  • Karin Futo

Price: $9,000

It's the cheapest car for drifting on this list. It pretty much resembles the legendary Trueno, so beginners can use it to learn drifting.

  • Bravado Banshee 900R

Price: $90,000/$105,000/$126,000 plus $565,000 for upgrades

Don't use it if you are a beginner because it's pretty hard to control. But you can use this car to practice and upgrade your drifting skills in this game. The price of the original version is not high, but you have to pay more for upgrades.

Karin Futo
Karin Futo is one of the best cars for drifting in GTA 5.

After purchasing the car, you can learn to drift cars. Or else, you can go to the Los Santos Tuners update shop to upgrade the engines and transmission or the car.

Pay for turbo and Muscle/SUV wheels to make your car better and stronger for drifting.

II. How To Get Drift Tires In GTA 5

The most important part of the drift car is its tires. Low-Grip tires are available to buy from the Car Meet in the Los Santos Tuners update shop. Then, you can put on those tires to have the best drift car.

Follow these steps to get the drift tires in GTA 5.

  • Drive to Los Santos Car Meet.
  • Meet Mimi to get a membership at the Car Meet that costs $50,000.
  • Go to meet Annis Remus - the mechanic in Car Meet and talk to him.
  • Open the Upgrade menu Annis Remus gives you and select the Wheels option.
  • Select Tires and choose the Tires Enhancements option.
  • Pay $500 to buy Low Grip Tires.
  • Open the interaction menu to put the new tires on.

After upgrading your tires and car, you can drive your car to the drift location to learn to drift.

Car Meet
Go to Los Santos Car Meet to unlock and use the vehicle upgrade feature.

III. How To Drift In GTA 5

The car in GTA 5 will drift when it loses speed. In specific, if you turn suddenly while moving at a very high speed, the car will drift. It works the same when you suddenly crash the car into an obstacle in your direction. But you can also make your car drift by following steps.

  • Accelerate up to make the car run faster and gain speed.
  • Before you reach the turn, release the acceleration button but do not use the brake.
  • Turn to the wanted direction.
  • Press the Handbrake button when reaching the turn and let the car slide while pressing the opposite directional key. For example, if you want to turn left, press the right key to stop the car from spinning around.

After you get out of the turn, make the car go straight again. That's how to make a drift car in GTA 5 easily.

Drift The Car
The car will drift when it loses the high speed.

IV. GTA 5 Drift Car Location

There are some places to learn and practice car drifting in GTA 5. You should go there to improve your drifting skills and master car drift in this game.

Here are the top 5 best places for beginners to practice car drifting.

  • Casino parking lot: This place has many tight corners and large spaces for players to practice drifting.
  • LSIA underpass: Los Santos International Airport has an underpass with many empty spaces for long drifts. You can master drifting skills on wide roads in the LSIA underpass.
  • LSIA: Apart from the underpass, Los Santos International Airport also has many tight corners and a large space to slide the car and master the art of drifting.
  • The docks: It's one of the best locations for car drift among crates and machinery.
  • The Pier: The terrain of the pier makes it the best spot for car drift. You will get pro soon when practicing car drifts through small gaps.

Those are all you need to know about how to make a drift car in GTA 5. Buy and upgrade the car to become a skillful driver in this game.

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