Grinding for money in GTA Online is a pain sometimes and it is a big turn-off for many players. However, if you want to own those expensive sports cars or become a CEO or own a Bunker, you are going to need millions and more.

There are glitches in GTA 5 that would help you make money easier but a lot of them have been patched by the dev and there are only a few left that are still working. Here is every GTA 5 Online Money Glitch that actually works in 2021.

1. Lucky Wheel Glitch

The Lucky Wheel is a feature that was introduced in the The Diamond Casino & Resort update. Players can spin the Lucky Wheel once each day and has a chance to win the Podium car which usually is a premium car that can be worth millions. While the chance to get the Podium car is very low (5%), there is a glitch that can help you always get the Podium car 100%.

Gta 5 Lucky Wheel Trick
The Lucky Wheel in GTA 5 can get you a premium car.

Basically, this glitch will help you re-spin the Lucky Wheel as many times as you want until you get the Podium car.

Follow these steps to do GTA 5 Lucky Wheel Glitch:

  • Set your spawn location to the casino. Get into the casino and spin the Lucky Wheel.
  • Be prepared to cut off your internet connection if you didn't hit the prize you want.
  • Reconnect to the game and spin again, the results of the previous spin will not be counted.

2. Heist Replay Glitch

This is an old GTA 5 money glitch that actually works flawlessly until now and hasn't gotten fixed yet. What this glitch does is that it allow you to play the finale of a heist again and again without having to do all prep missions. You will still keep the payout money. The best heist for this glitch is Cayo Perico.

Cayo Perico Heist Guide 2
A GTA 5 Online Money Glitch that actually works 2021

Follow the steps below to do the Heist Replay Glitch:

  • Complete the Cayo Perico heist like usual. Check Cayo Perico heist guide if you have any problems.
  • At the end of the heist, when you are about to escape Cayo Perico, be ready to close the game.
  • When the cutscene where your character hands out the money, the host quit the game immediately or disconnect their internet connection.
  • Rejoin the game and you will see that you have the money from the heist and you can do the finale again.

You can do this glitch solo if you are on PC. If you are on PS4 then you need a team since the host will not get any money. Also, this must not be the first time the host do this heist or this glitch will cause everyone to freeze.

This is the best GTA 5 Online Money Glitch that actually works 2021.

4. Give Car To Friends Glitch (GCTF Glitch)

This glitch will allow you to duplicate a vehicle of your friend. Follow the steps below to do this glitch:

  • Get the MOCs of you and your friend out in an open space. Put a bike inside your MOC.
  • Tell your friend to drive the car you want to duplicate out and put it in the position like in the image below.
Gctf Glitch
Park the car between the 2 MOC.
  • Tell your friend to go to the back of your MOC and then you enter your MOC with your friend.
  • Drive the bike out. Your friend should be kicked out or he can walk out. Go back to the MOCs location.
  • Park the bike behind your MOC. Go and stand at the blue circle that use to enter the MOC.
  • Open your interaction menu and throw down about 15 scuba gear. The goal is to cover the blue circle with scuba gears.
  • Drive your bike on top of the scuba gear at the position of the blue circle. Make sure your bike is off the ground.
Gctf Glitch 1
Park the bike on top of the scuba dive.
  • Enter the MOC and hold down your interaction menu. You will see all the scuba gears disappear while are still outside.
  • Enter your friend's car and start the engine.
Gctf Glitch 2
Tell your friend to get in their MOC with friend.
  • Tell your friend to walk over to his MOC and enter the MOC with a friend.
  • Once he does that, you will find yourself in your MOC with his car.
  • You won't be able to get out so your friend needs to invite you to his MOC.
  • Get out of his MOC. If you still see the bike in the back of your MOC, return it to your personal vehicle and that bike will be gone forever.
  • Go inside your MOC and you should see a copy of your friend's car.

This is a great GTA 5 Online Money Glitch that actually works 2021, however, you need a friend with premium cars or you need to find people to trade with you.

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