A strip club in GTA 5 is an establishment that offers sensual dances by skimpily-clad dancers or strippers to customers.

Strip clubs have existed in almost every Grand Theft Auto series. However, these work more like bikini bars because the dancers don’t actually take it off. It was until the release of GTA 5 that they live up to the names of strippers.

How can players reach strip clubs in GTA 5? Read our article for details!

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GTA 5 striper club location

There is only one club that is accessible to players in GTA 5 and it’s located in Los Santos. This stripper club is called the Vanilla Unicorn.

Vanilla Unicorn
Players can find the Vanilla Unicorn strip club in GTA 5 in Strawberry, Los Santos.

In detail, you can find the strip club in GTA 5 in Strawberry. It has also become a safe house for Trevor after he takes the club over in the later happening of the game. The Vanilla Unicorn is a remake of the Spearmint Rhino, a club chain across Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

GTA 5 strip clubs can also work as a place for the player to bring their friends or get a girlfriend in GTA 5. However, it requires the players to “enjoy themselves” by paying for one private dance at least. For casino games like baccarat, players need to visit casinos in GTA online.

How GTA 5 striper club works

The strip clubs’ shopfronts have appeared often in different forms. It is either a part of street scenery (usually in red-light districts), or as an interactive with interiors and the ability to pay for the facilities of a strip club.

Most importantly, here’s how it works.

1. How to enter a strip club in GTA 5

To be able to reach into a strip club, players have to be disarmed.

Despite this, there’s a glitch in the PlayStation 3 version where Niko enters the Triangle Club and joins the private dance. After the dance, the dancer may flee and the security guards will attack you even if you have not drawn a weapon.

Gta 5 Dancer
Gamers must be disarmed to be able to enter a strip club in GTA 5.

2. What can you see in a GTA 5 striper club?

The strip club in GTA 5 offers improved and new lap dances where the dancers wear nothing except panties. You will be able to throw money at the dancers and also be able to be tossed out by the bodyguards.

"For the finest girls in Los Santos visit the Vanilla Unicorn, objectifying women since 1984." ―A text message the player gets upon reaching rank 6 in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Strippers In Gta 5
Skimpy-clothed women are what players will see in stripper club, obviously.

If players head to the strip clubs on Valentine’s Day, they will see some strippers wearing red and white heart-shaped underwear with hearts on the front of their thongs.

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3. How do you take strippers home in GTA 5?

For those who want to take a dancer from a GTA 5 striper club home, here’s what you need to do.

  • Sit at the main stage and encourage the stripper to do more for the show by asking for a private dance or throwing them cash.
  • All dancers have a bar of liking. You can increase it in diverse ways, but mostly with dollar bills.
  • When the private dance takes place, you can opt to touch them and/or flirt with them without making the guard notice,
  • When the liking bar is full, the player can go with the stripper to her house.

Notice: Not all dancers will agree to go home with you. Moreover, when the liking bar reaches its cap, you can also get double dance instead of only taking them home.

GTA 5 strip club controversy

Grand Theft Auto has faced criticism over how they portray women in the game. They are often prostitutes or strippers.

There is a study from Standford indicating that female players who use the “sexy” GTA avatars turn out to agree more with forcible violation than those who get fully-dressed characters.

The aforementioned feature, which allows players to seduce virtual strippers and take them home, also gathers debate. The game even lets the players speak to the strippers via the headset microphones, which further progresses to the stripper sleeping with their character if they give the right prompts.

Stripper Gta 5
How sexually explicit women are portrayed in GTA 5 has been questioned.

However, not everyone knows that when they talk into their mic with a stripper, the audio can be heard by everybody playing the same game in their online group.

You can take a look at the Youtube video of a user attempting to convince an in-game dancer to do the deed with him. Though it is painfully transparent, the player may or may not realize that the stripper is just part of a software and not a real-life female player.

This GTA Casanova brought on lines such as, "Mmm yeah, you remind me of Beyonce" and “I like ya sense of humor."

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