GTA 5 is an interesting role-playing game. It allows players to emote and dance in the online multiplayer mode like people in the real world. Check out this guide on how to use GTA 5 emotes and perform dances in GTA Online here.

Gta 5 Emotes
There are many emotes in GTA Online for players to convey non-verbal messages.

I. How To Emote In GTA 5

GTA 5 has a long GTA 5 emotes list with many funny actions in the game. You can even perform dances in the online multiplayer mode for fun or making videos.

Here's how to emote in GTA 5 Online mode.

  • Launch the Online Multiplayer mode in GTA 5.
  • Press the 'M' key to open the Interaction Menu, but you can see another key for it.
  • Navigate and select the option 'Style'.
  • Then, select Action and use the left and right directional keys to select actions.
  • Press the Caps Lock button to see the action.

If you want to perform dances in GTA Online, you navigate the Dance option. GTA Online players can emote when their characters are standing or moving. Your characters can also emote while sitting in the vehicle.

Use Action In Gta 5
It's very easy to use Emotes in GTA 5 Online mode by opening the Interaction Menu.

II. GTA 5 Emotes List

There are a lot of emotes in GTA Online. Some emotes will help you refill the HP bar, such as eating and drinking while some emotes let you have fun only. Here are the best default emotes in GTA 5 Online that a lot of players prefer to use.

#1. Suck It

'Suck It' is a highly expressive action in GTA 5 Online. It reminds you of the classic taunt of the Degeneration-X but it looks better with a modern twist. This emote is the combination of some dance emotes' grooviness. But it's pretty vulgar. It's an action added to the game in The Cayo Perico Heist.

Suck It
The emote 'Suck It' reminds you of the classic taunt of the Degeneration-X

#2. Thumbs on Ears

Thumbs on Ears was added to the game in the Halloween Surprise event. You can use this mocking emote to tease other players. This emote is sometimes ridiculous in some situations. It makes your in-game experience more interesting. It looks like blowing a raspberry to other players.

Thumbs On Ears
Thumbs on Ears is one of the best emotes in GTA 5 Online to convey a mocking message towards other players.

#3. Uncle Disco

Uncle Disco is an emote in the After Hours version of GTA Online. It's one of a few emotes that have several versions. Uncle Disco is groovy and good for shenanigans in this game. You can use this emote when enjoying music in a nightclub or activities with friends. You can also double-tap to perform an exaggerated dance with Uncle Disco.

#4. Jerk

Jerk is another vulgar emote in GTA Online. You can use this emote to express your disdain and grief messages towards other players. You can use this emote to oppose 'The Bird'. Jerk Off is one of the default emotes in the Original release of the game. You don't need to download any DLC versions to have this emote in the list. Players can express frustration with teammates in a mission fail with this emote.

Jerk is another vulgar emote in GTA Online that expresses disdain and grief towards other players.

#5.  The Bird

The Bird is also a default emote in the Original release of GTA Online. You can convey aggression towards opponents. Players often use this funny emote to express their frustration. But this emote is also vulgar since you use the middle finger.

The Bird
You got the emote 'The Bird' in the Original release of GTA Online.

III. How To Install GTA 5 Emotes Mod

Apart from default emotes in the game, GTA Online players can also install a mod file for a longer GTA 5 emote menu mod. You only need to download and launch the mode file when you open the game. Follow these steps to install and use the Emote mod in GTA Online here.

  • Download Emotes Mod from
  • Add the downloaded Emotes.dll and Emotes.ini to your script folder.
  • Open Emote Menu by pressing the configurable key in the .ini file. The default key is 'J'.

Then, you also select the key to use. This mod folder has many new emotes, such as cheer, hug, kiss, high-five, handshake, insult, dance, greet, shove, flirt, pacify, and intimidate.

Gta 5 Emote Guide
You get more emotes in the GTA Online Emote Mod.

Those are all you need to know about GTA 5 emotes and how to use them. Let's try to emote in this game to make the game more realistic and enjoyable.

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