GTA V is one of the games with "future-proof" graphics options. Even 8 years after its release, you would still need a moderately strong PC to run the game at higher graphics modes. While you can install mods to lower GTA 5 graphics, tinkering with the settings is much easier.

In this article, we are going to showcase a complete optimization guide for GTA 5 low end PC settings 2021.

1. Pick low-end Anti Aliasing settings

There are three types of Anti Aliasing options you can choose in GTA V.

  • FXAA (fast approximate) is easiest to run but tends to look bad and makes the screen blurry.
  • MSAA (multisample) is more demanding but offers the most visual improvement. Higher multipliers require more GPU work.
  • TXAA (temporal) is an NVIDIA-specific type of AA. It's entirely your preference if you like the way it looks or not. It can affect performance more than FXAA.

While you can use all three anti aliasing options at the same time, it is best to stick with FXAA settings if your PC is on the lower end side. While the game won't look as good, you would get decent performance.

Anti Aliasing
Anti Aliasing is the worst amongst GTA 5 low end PC settings.

2. Turn off VSync

VSync, or vertical sync, is a graphics technology that synchronizes the frame rate of a game with a gaming monitor’s refresh rate. By turning it off, the frame rate limit would be removed, which might lead to better performance.

However, you might experience some screen tearing without Vsync. Turning it back on would remove that.

3. Lower your texture, water and grass quality

Texture quality governs how individual objects and small details in your GTA V world would look. By lowering it, your game would look substantially worse, but its performance would get a decent boost. Grass quality eats up even more performance than texture - you can just turn them to the lowest possible to enjoy all those sweet framerates.

Water quality does not matter that much, but if you don't care about ripples or reflection, you can also turn them down.

Gta V Texture
Lower texture quality is the easiest way to get GTA 5 FPS boost 2021.

4. Lower shader quality

Shader quality governs how detailed the faraway objects would be rendered. Lowering it would reduce the details you see on the map, which is barely noticeable unless you are actively looking for the differences.

5. Lower your resolution to 720p

While you might want to play the game on a big screen, any increase in resolution can affect performance greatly. From whichever settings you are at (Full HD or 4K), try to lower the resolution until the improvement in performance is noticeable.

Afterward, you can also tinker with the frame scaling system of GTA 5. Lower the scaling under 1x to boost your FPS.

325130 2
Play GTA 5 at extremely low resolution.

6. Deactivate reflection MSAA and lower reflection quality

Reflection quality determines the crispness and detail in the reflections you see around Los Santos. Overall, it is just extra effects that players barely ever notice. You should be able to get better GTA 5 low end PC settings by tuning this down or off.

7. Lower the population density and variety

GTA V is a huge game with a lot of objects, and the more objects there are on the map, the harder it gets for your PC. Therefore, to get better fps, you can reduce population density and variety in the settings. This would lower the number of cars and pedestrians in your world, making it a little bit empty.

This option can boost performance considerably, especially on laptops or older PCs.

low population density
Low population density will resolve GTA 5 low end pc settings download problems.

8. Turn off advanced shadow settings (under Advanced Graphics)

Advanced shadow settings are yet another type of settings that can affect your performance drastically, especially High Resolution Shadows and the Extended Shadows Distance. To get better performance, keep these options as low as possible.

Without these options, your PC won't render the shadows of faraway objects, which in turn makes them soft and unrealistic. You can also choose sharp shadows and turn off long shadows for an additional FPS boost.

9. Reduce distance scaling

Distance scaling in GTA 5 governs the number of details you see from far away objects, at the cost of device performance. Amongst the settings, Extended Distance Scaling is the most demanding. Try to lower this setting or even turn it off to increase performance.

However, lowering this will increase the "pop in" effect where objects just suddenly appear on your screen. This setting can increase your framerate inside cities significantly, as there are a lot of objects to load there.

high distance scaling
High distance scaling costs a lot of device performance.

10. Other GTA 5 settings for low end PCs

The other GTA 5 low end PC settings do not affect the game's performance that much, however, if you are that desperate for FPS, getting them all down is definitely an option. The following three settings are the ones you should pay attention to

  • Particle quality governs the level of detail in particle effects like sparks and smokes. You can leave this on Normal.
  • Tessellation is a technique that adds more detail to trees and other objects. It is safe to leave this on.
  • Anisotropic filtering sharpens textures in the environment. There is no noticeable difference in turning it off.

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