Wind Charge Minecraft is a new type of ranged weapon that blasts wind instead of arrows. It looks like a swirling wind ball. Unlike arrows, it operates independently and doesn't need anything to launch it.

The weapon provides a lot of features:

  • It damages and knocks back opponents
  • It can launch you upward for air jumps, which helps you reach hidden areas as well as climb mountains.
  • Wind Charge also can trigger buttons, levers, doors, and pressure plates from afar.

Although Wind Charge in Minecraft is designed for single use only, this projectile is renewable and stackable up to 64.

Wind Charge
Wind Charge is a weapon you can use like Arrows.

Here's how you can make and find Wind Charge in Minecraft 1.21.

What is the Wind Charged effect in Minecraft?

The Wind Charged status effect causes a player or mob to release a Wind Burst when they die. This effect, introduced in the Minecraft 1.21 - Tricky Trials Update, has multiple levels, including Wind Charged II, Wind Charged III, Wind Charged IV, and others.

Below are other effects that a Wind Charge in Minecraft can offer players:

  • You can use a Wind Charge to launch an attack similar to the Breeze's. When it hits a mob or block, it generates a Wind Burst, knocking back all entities nearby. Do note that direct hits on players or mobs cause minor damage.
  • Wind Charges can break Decorated Pots and Chorus Flower blocks.
  • When a player fires a Wind Charge, it delivers 10% more knockback than the Breeze's attack but affects a smaller area.

Where to Find the Wind Charge in Minecraft?

There are two ways to get Wind Charge in Minecraft

#1. Defeat the Breeze

The only method to obtain Wind Charge is to defeat the Breeze, a hostile mob located in trial chambers, introduced in version 1.21. Once you defeat it, the mob will drop Wind Charges as loot.

The Breeze Minecraft
To get Wind Charges, you need to hunt down hidden chambers underground, fight the Breezes inside, and collect wind charges as loot from them.

As Breezes only appear in trial chambers, Wind Charges will also be quite rare. You can go to some trial chamber seeds and find these mobs inside.

The Breeze usually drops 1-2 Breeze rods upon death. Using looting enchantment will increase the rate and give you up to 8 Rods. Therefore, you can get Looting 3 in Minecraft to stack the items up faster.

#2. Find Vault Block

Additionally, you can obtain wind charges by looting various containers in the trial chambers. One such container is the Vault Block, which has a 9.6% chance to generate 4-12 wind charges.

The vault can give 8-12 wind charges, with the chances varying based on the Minecraft edition you're playing. In Java edition, vault blocks have a 46.2% chance to provide wind charges, while in the Bedrock edition, the chance increases to 54.5%.

The Vault Minecraft
Use Vault Block to increase your chance of obtaining Minecraft Wind Charges.

How to craft a Wind Charge in Minecraft?

Currently, there is no recipe or trading option to craft Wind Charges. The only reliable method is defeating Breezes and collecting the wind charges they drop in trial chambers.

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