Minecraft 1.21 introduced a new location for looting - Trial Chamber. Can I find rare items and treasures there? Where can I get rare loot now? Let's check out the best places to get rare loot in Minecraft 1.21 here.

#1. Trial Chamber

The newly released Trial Chamber has many rare treasures to loot, such as heavy core, armor trims smithing templates, mace enchantments, enchanted golden apples, and trident. However, it's not an easy pie because you must defeat hostile mobs like the Breeze, complete Trial Spawner challenges, and find vault keys to open vaults and loot these treasures.

Trial Chamber Minecraft
Trial Chamber Minecraft has lot of rare loot and new items.

#2. Ancient Cities

Ancient cities have the most dangerous and fearful mob in Minecraft - Warden Mobs. But it does not make players flinch from exploring these underground structures with the attraction of rare items, such as music discs, enchanted golden apples, enchanted diamond gear, and even the silence armor smithing template. Find these underground cities to loot ancient treasures hidden in every corner.

Ancient Cities
Ancient Cities house many treasures.

#3. Abandoned Mineshafts

Enchanted golden apples can also be found in Abandoned Mineshafts along with cave spider spawners, loot chests, and plenty of ores. This is one of the oldest structures in this game which is familiar to most Minecraft veterans. Explore these labyrinthine tunnels to loot valuable treasures and resources for your in-game life and development.

Abandoned Mineshafts
Go to find enchanted golden apples in treasure chests in Mineshafts.

#4. Ruined Portals

Unlike the three previous locations, the Ruined Portal is an aboveground location with rare loot, such as a block of gold, an enchanted gold apple, and a bell. This portal is the broken part of the Nether portals. Therefore, you can also interact with this portal to teleport to the Nether to loot more treasures, such as horse armor, golden and iron ingots, obsidian, and diamonds. But you should stay away from lava in Minecraft Nether.

Ruined Portals
Loot in the Ruined Portals and teleport to Nether for more items.

#5. Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks can be found in many areas around the Minecraft world. You can find a full ship with minor damage or half of a ship somewhere along the shore or on the sea bed. Looting these ruined ships lying on the beach can bring you amazing earnings in bountiful chests. The treasures include emeralds, diamonds, potions, and bottles of enchanting besides many common items.

Loot Shipwrecks and find pirates' treasure chests left there.

#6. Dungeons

Dungeons have lots of rare items to loot, such as mob spawners, enchanted books, enchanted golden apples, diamond armor, music discs, and more. It's also a good place for Minecraft adventurers to farm XP. You can find these secret rooms inside ravines and caves. Don't ignore any chest in Dungeons because they can contain a big surprise.

Dungeons have a lot of chests to open.

These are the top 6 locations to get rare loot in Minecraft 1.21 and the treasures you can obtain there. Comment to share with us more secret places for interesting loot in this game. Stay tuned to get more tips in Minecraft.

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