What are Trial chambers in Minecraft? The new structures in Minecraft 1.21 update are underground bases that serve as a mid-game combat challenge. They mostly have copper blocks and tuff bricks. It's also the only place where trial spawners and vaults naturally generate.

Knowing that you may want to fight mobs and get good loot in this challenge, we have listed the best seeds for trial chambers Minecraft 1.21 below.

1. Mineshaft Above a Trial Chamber (Java)

Mineshaft Above A Trial Chamber
This trial chamber in Minecraft is only available for Bedrock.
  • Seed code: 695073197
  • Spawn biome: Forest
  • Coordinates for the trial chamber: X:263 Z:135

You will spawn at the edge of a forest biome rich in resources. The nearest trial chamber is only about 300 blocks away. Dig down there to find a large trial chamber with Breeze, husk, slime, and trial spawners in Minecraft 1.21.

Additionally, there is a massive mineshaft above part of the chamber with many regular spawners. Some parts of the chamber form the floor of the mineshaft.

2. Lush Trial Chambers (Java & Bedrock)

Lush Trial Chambers
A trial chamber with a lush ambiance.
  • Seed code: -1449152180364425485
  • Spawn biome: Plains
  • Coordinates for the first trial chambers: X:-1417 Z: 103
  • Coordinates for the second trial chambers: X: -953 Z: 327
  • Coordinates for the third trial chambers: X: -441 Z: 793

This seed is bright and beautiful, bringing you to a resource-rich plains biome. For great loot, head west or south.

You can also discover a vast lush cave system leading to multiple trial chambers with Glow Berries, Clay, Vines, Grass, and Spore Blossoms. There are the 3 coordinates for three trial chambers to explore.

3. Trial Chamber next to Ancient City (Bedrock)

Trial Chamber Next To Ancient City
You can have two structures at once with this seed.
  • Seed code: 4012088974005424937
  • Spawn biome: Desert
  • Coordinates for the trial chamber: X: 340 Z: 820
  • Coordinates for the ancient city: X: 480 Z: 820

Even though Trial Chambers and Ancient Cities are both underground, it is rare for them to be close together. This lucky seed makes it happen. Go to the trial chamber coordinates first. After exploring it, walk to the nearby ancient city.

The ancient city is deeper than the trial chamber, so you might need to dig up or down depending on which one you explore first. This special spot where the two buildings meet is perfect for rebuilding them into one cool structure.

4. Stronghold Library in Trial Chamber (Java)

Stronghold Library In Trial Chamber
Book lovers will love this Trial Chamber seed.
  • Seed Code: 2895849693574331500
  • Spawn Biome: Forest
  • Coordinates: X: 1643 Z: -1603

Among the seeds for Trial Chambers Minecraft, this is a unique one with two essential structures - strongholds and trial chambers. You can find the intersection of them at the coordinates. There's even stronghold library fitting neatly into the corridor.

While exploring the trial chamber, you may find some areas hard to access due to the stronghold merging into it. This means you can explore and loot both structures at once.

Do note that the trial chambers in this seed will spawn Breezes, Husks, Strays, and Spiders.

5. Venomous Mushroom Island Trial Chambers (Java & Bedrock)

Venomous Mushroom Island Trial Chambers
One of the most unique seeds for trial chambers Minecraft.
  • Seed code: -5592633653095784779
  • Spawn biome: Forest
  • Coordinates: X: 1961 Z: 295

This special seed of Trial Chambers Minecraft works for both Java and Bedrock editions. At the above coordinates, you will see a small, isolated mushroom island. But what makes it cool is the trial chambers beneath it.

You can safely dig down to explore and loot the vaults. However, be prepared as you may face venomous cave spiders and Bogged skeletons.

If you dare to try this tough Minecraft 1.21 Trial Chamber seed, make sure to breed cows for milk and bring the best food items for sustenance.

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