The best fuel source can help you build items on your will. Also, we can value the best fuel in Minecraft based on their burn time and efficiency. If you're wondering "what fuel lasts the longest in Minecraft" or which is the best out of all fuel sources in Minecraft, here's our ranking that you can take into consideration:

10. Bamboo

  • Burn time: 2.5 seconds (0.25 items smelted per bamboo)
You can collect bamboo in the wild.

Due to its short burn time, bamboo is not too outstanding in the category of smelting many items at once. However, this item can be quite versatile if you have a good bunch of them in store. That is why building an AFK bamboo farm will grant you the best fuel farm in Minecraft.

They have a fast growth rate and can be easily obtained. So make sure you farm a lot of bamboo for fuel.

9. Sticks

  • Burn time: 5 seconds (0.5 items smelted per stick)
Sticks In Minecraft
Can you use sticks as fuel in Minecraft? The answer is yes, two sticks can smelt one item.

Minecraft sticks are very easy to obtain. You can craft them from wooden planks (two planks generate four sticks) or break leaves and dead bushes to get them.

Similar to bamboo, their efficiency is low due to the short burn time. Although sticks can stack up to 64, they can only come in the best use if you have a lot of them in store.

8. Saplings

  • Burn time: 5 seconds (0.5 items smelted per stick)
Sapling Minecraft
What can you use as fuel in a furnace in Minecraft?

In Minecraft fuel chart, saplings are not too efficient. However, they are renewable and often a byproduct of tree farming. So this might be something you can take note of for future references.

7. Logs

Logs are a common fuel source in Minecraft.

Logs are already one of the best fire sources for real-life human. And their Minecraft counterpart has the same benefits.

These are very sustainable as long as players keep planting trees again after cutting them down.

6. Wood

  • Burn time: 300 seconds (1.5 items per tick)

Wood is the original renewable fuel source, and in Minecraft, it remains one of the best. As long as you have trees, you'll never run out of this classic fuel.

Once you have wood blocks, you have a few options for turning them into fuel:

  • Use the blocks directly in a furnace as fuel.
  • Craft the wood into planks and sticks.
  • Craft the wood into charcoal by burning logs in a furnace.
  • Compress your wood into coal blocks.

There are many tree types in the game which grant different wood. You may try these to find the most suitable fuel for yourself.

5. Dried Kelp Block

  • Burn time: 200 seconds (20 items smelt per tick)
Dried Kelp Block
Out of all fuel sources in Minecraft, Dried Kelp needs quite a process to be crafted.

Being able to smelt 20 items, they have 2.5 times more burn duration of coal and charcoal. However, Dried Kelp is something you must craft rather than directly harvesting them from "nature".

That might be the reason why it is usually ranked lower despite the great outcomes.

4. Blaze Rods

  • Burn time: 120 seconds (12 items smelted)
Blaze Rods
Use the Blaze Rod to

Blaze rods are one of the longest lasting fuel in Minecraft. You can get blaze rods after defeating blazes in the Nether.

Each blaze rod can smelt 12 items, burning for 120 seconds.

But are Blaze rods better than coal? Coal can smelt only 8 items in the same amount of time. So in many players' opinions, blaze rods should rank higher than coal and charcoal.

Besides smelting, you can also use Blaze Rods to make Eyes of Ender.

3. Charcoal

  • Burn time: 80 seconds (8 items per tick)
Charcoal In Minecraft
The only things you need is wood and a furnace to make some charcoal.

Charcoal has long been deemed the best fuel in Minecraft for these reasons: it burns for a long while, can be renewed, and is efficient and available from very early in the game.

Unlike coal that you have to mine, you can produce charcoal by burning wood. All you need is a furnace and some logs.

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2. Coal

  • Burn time: 80 seconds (8 items per tick)

Coal Block Minecraft

You can find coal ore throughout the Overworld, especially in caves. It burns for 80 seconds and has versatile uses.

First, you can burn coal in furnaces to smelt sand into glass and so on. Second, you can use coal to fuel minecarts. FYI, minecarts that are coal-powered move 5 blocks/second, which is a quick transportation method. Last but not least, you can trade coal ores with village blacksmiths for emeralds.

1. Lava Buckets

  • Burn time: 1000 seconds (100 items smelted per bucket)
Lava Bucket
Is Lava the best fuel in Minecraft? The answer is Yes!

For a super smelter setup in Minecraft, where efficiency and throughput are important, you'll want to use fuel sources that maximize burn time and minimize the need for frequent refueling. That is why Lava Buckets are Minecraft best fuel for super smelter.

Also, do you know what fuel lasts the longest in Minecraft? A single lava bucket can smelt 100 items in a furnace, burning for the longest out of all fuel sources: 1000 seconds.

There's also enough time for you to cook 100 Porkchops, smelt 200 ores into ingots, or bake 1000 pieces of glass from sand.

Even better, lava buckets are a renewable fuel source since lava is abundant in the Nether.When the lava bucket runs out, you only have to return to the Nether and refill your buckets from the same lava lakes. So it is understandable if players consider lava the best fuel in Minecraft.

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