Minecraft farms are sources of food and materials. AFK farms are more convenient and helpful for busy players. Check out the top 8 best Minecraft AFK farms to build for unlimited resources here.

#1. Iron Farm

The iron farm is one of the most helpful farms for construction in Minecraft. It also provides important materials for crafting iron tools, armor, weapons, etc. This is the core material for survival in most Minecraft bases, especially in hardcore mods. You can build an AFK iron farm to produce iron automatically.

How To Make An Iron Farm In Minecraft
Iron farm

#2. Fish Farm

A small AFK farm is an automatic source of fish for Minecraft players to farm food and EXP at the beginning of the game. There are many ways to build an AFK fish farm in Minecraft, from simple and small farms to more complicated ones using available materials.

Afk Fish Farm
AFK Fish farm

#3. Mob Farm

Mob farm is one of the most classic farms in Minecraft but it's always the most popular farm used in this game today. It's very easy to build these generic mob farms which can be built from simple materials. Moreover, these mob farms will provide essential resources, such as bones, string, arrows, and gunpowder.

Minecraft Mob Farm
Mob Farm

#4. Pumpkin and Melon Farm

You can grow pumpkin and melon in the same AFK farm because they share a similar development manner. These crops will grow from a stem planted next to a block. Farmers need to place observers on the farm to detect mature melons and pumpkins ready to harvest and send a signal to nearby pistons to break those fruits.

Pumpkin And Melon Farm
Pumpkin and Melon Farm

#5. Chicken Cooker

AFK Chicken Cooker farm will produce chicken meat automatically. Chicken eggs are hatched automatically. Then, this AFK farm raises chicks to mature chickens and then kills them for meat. This is an amazing AFK farm for unlimited food.

Minecraft Cooked Chicken Farm
Automated Chicken Farm

#6. Lava Farm

The Lava farm is an important source of fuel for Minecraft furnaces. You can melt 100 items with a bucket of lava. It's much more efficient than coal. Therefore, you can build an AFK lava farm in your base for instant sources of fuel for melting materials.

Lava Farm Minecraft
Lava Farm

#7. Witch Farm

Witch farm can be operated automatically when you are AFK. It's a wonderful loot farm for Minecraft players to get rare supplies that are essential for survival, construction, and crafting in this game. For example, you can loot the Glowstone and Redstone dust, sugar, spider eyes, gunpowder, and glass bottles.

Witch Farm Minecraft
Witch Farm Minecraft

#8. Slime Farm

The Slime Farm provides materials for technical players. In your AFK slime farm, slimeballs are produced and collected by spawning and killing slime automatically. You need these slimeballs to craft slime blocks and magma cream. The magma cream will turn a normal piston into a sticky piston for the Minecraft piston doors.

Afk Slime Farm
AFK Slime Farm

Those are the top eight AFK farms for unlimited sources of crafting materials, food, and high-tier supplies. Stay tuned for further Minecraft tips and guides on Gurugamer.com.

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