What do armadillos eat in Minecraft? This guide for the mod farm will show you how to feed and raise this mob in your farm for an unlimited source of scutes. Armadillos will be released soon. It's time to prepare for your farm.

What do armadillos eat in Minecraft?

Minecraft Armadillos only eat spider eyes. This new mob lives in warm biomes like savannas and badlands while spiders often spawn in dark areas like mushroom fields and deep woods. Therefore, you need to farm spider eyes before traveling to the habitat biomes of armadillos to feed, lure, or breed them.

Armadillos Minecraft
Armadillo in Minecraft eats spider eyes.

How to get food for Minecraft armadillos

You need to kill Minecraft spiders and cave spiders to collect their eyes. However, the spider won't drop its eyes when dying of fall damage. Therefore, Minecraft players must kill it by the Attack damage to collect spider eyes. Here are the best ways and tips to kill Minecraft spiders:

  • Always wear armor to stay safe from the spider's poison.
  • Use a powerful sword, axe, or bow to kill this mob. The bow is the best weapon to kill spiders which allows you to maintain a safe distance from this mob.
  • Enchant your weapon with Bane of Arthropods which buffs damage to arthropod mobs like spiders.

Besides, you can kill witches with a bow, iron sword, or diamond sword and loot desert temple chests to get spider eyes.

Cave Spiders Feature
Cave spider in Minecraft

How to feed Minecraft armadillos

You cannot tame Armadillos in Minecraft, but feeding them with spider eyes helps adult armadillo couples produce baby armadillos. Follow these steps to feed this wild mob.

  1. Collect spider eyes and store them in the inventory.
  2. Travel to savannas and badlands to find armadillos in the wild.
  3. Crouch-walk towards the mob to avoid startling it. If you scare this mob, it will cure into a ball and roll away quickly to escape.
  4. Hold a spider eye on your hand.
  5. Right-click on the armadillo to feed them. You can also breed Minecraft armadillos in the same way.
Armadillo Minecraft Guide
You can build an armadillo farm for scutes.

Minecraft players having an armadillo farm in their base need a lot of spider eyes. Therefore, you can build a spider farm in your base to have an instant food source for your armadillo farm. Then, you also have an unlimited source of scutes. Stay tuned for more Minecraft guides on Gurugamer.com.

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