Minecraft Tricky Trials is the upcoming update highly anticipated after leaks about new features. These are things we have known about this next patch. Let's check out the expected release date and new features here.

I. Minecraft Tricky Trials Release Date

The current patch 1.20 titled 'Trails & Tales' is about to finish. Then, the upcoming patch 1.21 named 'Tricky Trials' will come after it. It's introduced as a part of the 15th Anniversary of the game. Its release date is planned for mid-2024. We expect this update in June or July, during the 15th Anniversary.

Tricky Trial
Tricky Trial Release Date

II. Minecraft Tricky Trials Features

Minecraft 1.21 is coming soon. It will add new mobs, blocks, and features to the game. Here are all the leaked features in the next patch.

#1. New Blocks

The Tricky Trials patch will introduce new copper and Tuff blocks for building. Besides, there will be three blocks with different functions for combat trials and resources, including:

  • Crafter
  • Trial Spawner
  • Copper bulb

The crafter is a new full-auto redstone-powered crafting table for easier and faster creation. You can use it to alternate the traditional crafting bench. The Trial Spawner and Copper Bulbs are two exclusive blocks in the new Trial Chamber. The copper bulb blocks are sources of light and the Trial Spawner blocks are sources of mobs for materials.

Minecraft Crafter
Minecraft Crafter

#2. New Mobs

Patch 1.21 features the new Trial Chamber with new mob drops and resources. There will be two new hostile mobs and some variants of existing mobs, including:

You will encounter the hostile mob - The Breeze in the Trial Chamber. The Bogged skeleton mobs often appear in swamped areas. Armadillos live in warm biomes like savannahs and badlands. They will drop Scute, an essential material for armor. You also find new variants of wolves with new fur colors in sparse jungles, savannah plateaus, and wooded badlands.

New Mob
New Mobs

#3. New Weapon

The Tricky Trials patch also brings you a brand-new weapon - The Mace. Minecraft players need to explore the Trial Chamber to collect the heavy core in Chamber Vaults and loot breeze rods by defeating the Breeze mobs there.

You can charge this melee weapon by falling. Then, it will deal tons of fall damage to blast the mob with a smash attack. It can also knock back nearby mobs by dealing AoE damage.

The Mace
The Mace

#4. Ominous Items

Apart from normal trial keys, trial spawner blocks, and vaults, Minecraft players can also find ominous keys, spawners, vaults, and bottles in the Trial Chamber. These items are rarer than the normal ones. Therefore, you can also loot much better supplies. The ominous bottle is an exclusive item with a Bad Omen effect, which will cause a raid when you walk into a village.

Minecraft Tricky Trials
Minecraft Tricky Trials

These are significant features of the upcoming Minecraft Tricky Trials Update. It's expected to arrive in June. Stay tuned for the exact release date of this patch on Gurugamer.com.

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