The Armadillo emerged triumphant in the 2023 Minecraft Mob Vote, capturing hearts with its charming and gentle nature. This year's poll, active from October 13th to October 15th, drew in an unprecedented number of participants, exceeding 5 million eager players. Amongst formidable contenders like the Crab and the Penguin, the Armadillo secured a decisive victory, claiming 42.4% of the votes—a significant lead over the Crab's 32.5% and the Penguin's 25.2%.

The Armadillo In Minecraft 1.21

Although some fans expressed disappointment with the outcome, it's essential to stay optimistic. Recall the Biome Vote of 2019, where despite losing to the Goats from the Mountain Biome, the Frog from the Swamp Biome eventually made its way into the game! This serves as a reminder that beloved choices from this vote could potentially feature in forthcoming updates.

Features Of The Armadillo

The Armadillo, a charming small creature characterized by its hilariously oversized brown body and short legs, will be a delightful addition to the Savannah Biome. Players can anticipate encountering it amidst tall grass, where it typically wanders, content in its own pursuits. These peaceful creatures won't instigate attacks; instead, they'll playfully curl up into a ball if startled—an adorable sight indeed.

Armadillo Habitat
Armadillo is a wild animal spawning in the Savannah Biome

Among the Armadillo's notable traits is its prized drop, the Scute, obtainable upon its defeat. This valuable item serves a significant purpose: crafting the highly anticipated Wolf Armor. Ever since the introduction of Horse Armor back in Version 1.6.1, players have eagerly awaited specialized protection for their cherished canines. This armor promises an extra layer of defense for wolves during joint battles against mobs. Anticipated to offer various color options akin to the diverse Horse Armor variations, this addition has sparked excitement among players. They eagerly await the developers' implementation and look forward to these fresh features enhancing their gameplay.

Minecraft Armadillo Release Date

Although an exact release date remains unconfirmed, speculations point towards the Armadillo's inclusion in the upcoming 1.21 update, slated for an early summer release in 2024.

Armadillo Minecraft
Armadillo will be added to Minecraft

This assumption aligns with past trends, considering that the previous 2022 vote winner made its debut in the 1.20 update released in July of the subsequent year. Nevertheless, developers might opt for an earlier introduction of the mob. Thus, it's advisable to stay vigilant for any potential announcements!

What To Expect In Version 1.21

Minecraft's 1.21 update introduces several key features:

  1. Crafter block: This new addition revolutionizes gameplay by automatically crafting items upon receiving a redstone signal. It enables intricate redstone contraptions, enhancing automation in the game.
  2. Breeze mob: Exclusive to trial chambers, this hostile mini-boss utilizes a wind charge attack, inflicting damage directly and through knockbacks.
  3. Armadillo mob: Winner of the community's 2023 Mob Vote, this shy, passive mob found in warm areas drops shells for crafting wolf armor.
  4. Trial Chambers: These new structures, primarily made of copper and tuff blocks, present challenges, trial spawners for summoning Breeze mobs, and offer rewards upon completion.
  5. Wolf armor: Crafted from armadillo shells, this upcoming feature accompanies the new Armadillo mob, though its appearance is yet to be revealed.
  6. Trial Spawner: Exclusive to trial chambers, these modified spawner blocks summon hostile mobs based on player proximity, rewarding players after combat.
  7. Copper blocks: Expanded variety includes doors, trapdoors, grates, and bulbs, serving as decorative elements and found within the trial chambers.
  8. Tuff blocks: Already present in the Overworld's depths, the update allows crafting additional tuff blocks for building purposes, with new variants introduced during Mojang's event.

In the forthcoming 1.21 update, alongside the anticipated Armadillo, several new elements are slated for release. Among these is a hostile mob known as the Breeze. From Mojang's unveiled videos, this purple entity, encased in a tornado-like wind, appears capable of knocking players back and causing damage. Intriguingly, unlike their fiery Blaze counterparts, these creatures exhibit a jumping behavior rather than floating. They will primarily spawn in the new Trial Chambers, a feature introduced in the same update. These chambers will generate waves of mobs, rewarding players with loot upon successful defeat. While the complete potential of these chambers remains undisclosed, it's confirmed that they will operate with a cooldown mechanism.


Armadillo Minecraft Wolf Armor
You need to kill Armadillo Minecraft for materials for the wolf armor

Additionally, three new blocks—Crafter, Copper Bulb, and Trial Spawner—have been officially confirmed. The Crafter stands out as a notably practical addition, automating crafting by employing redstone to construct items from its internal database of recipes automatically. This innovation holds immense promise for players seeking to streamline their crafting processes and is expected to become a standout addition in the upcoming update.

Armadillo Minecraft Mob
You cannot tame, ride, and raise Armadillo

It's crucial to note that Version 1.21 is scheduled for a mid-2024 release, allowing developers ample time to incorporate fresh and thrilling features. Some players anticipate the potential introduction of new biomes, considering previous updates' focus on such expansions. However, Mojang has yet to officially confirm this speculation. While there's much anticipation and speculation among players about the additions, it's essential to rely on official Mojang sources for confirmed updates and features.

Previous Mob Vote Winners

The first Mob Vote took place in 2017, sparking immense enthusiasm within the community. It served as an excellent means to involve players in shaping the game's evolution by making communal decisions. Since then, the Mob Vote has transformed into an annual tradition, with past victors including:

  • 2017: Phantom
  • 2020: Glow Squid
  • 2021: Allay
  • 2022: Sniffer

Nevertheless, after each vote, some fans inevitably feel disheartened as their favored mob doesn't make the cut. Fortunately, resourceful modders have filled this gap by creating mod-packs featuring an array of mobs and features for players to incorporate into their game. Some question why the Minecraft Developers can't simply add all three nominated mobs. However, doing so would eliminate the crucial element of player choice that the vote fosters, allowing fans to actively engage and influence the game's direction.

Allay was one of the more useful mob that was added as part of the vote.

Overall, the Mob Vote consistently generates overwhelming positivity and excitement. Now, anticipation mounts for the forthcoming Version 1.21 update and the delightful new addition it promises to bring to the game!

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