Minecraft Auto Crafter is an upcoming feature in Update 1.21. It's expected to bring great convenience to this creative game. Let's check out the expected release date, recipe, and uses of this device and get prepared for the next update here.

I. Auto Crafter Release Date

Auto Crafter will not be launched until the release date of Minecraft 1.21. So, you can expect to get this new device in June 2024. It will work as an advanced version of the crafting bench in this game with an automatic crafting function.

This new device lets users produce arrows, weapons, armor, and building blocks automatically and quickly without too many actions. It's expected to bring convenience to crafters and builders in this game. That's why auto crafter is one of the most anticipated features in the next update.

Minecraft Autocrafter
Auto Crafter is a new amazing device in Minecraft 1.21.

II. How To Get Auto Crafter

The recipe for the new Auto Crafter was introduced in Minecraft 1.21 Livestream. It's easy to gather materials and craft an Auto Crafter in Minecraft. The first step is collecting the following crafting ingredients for this device.

  • Redstone Dust x2;
  • Iron Ingots x5;
  • Crafting Table x1;
  • Dropper x1.

These materials are available to farm and craft. So, you can prepare them before the next version comes out. You can learn the recipe for this device below.

Recipe Of The Autocrafter
Gather materials and create the Auto Crafter device in the crafting station.

Then, put these materials on the crafting station to craft this device. Put materials in the following positions to make the auto crafter.

  • The crafting table must be in the central grid.
  • Place the Redstone dust in the right and left bottom grids.
  • The Dropper will be placed in the middle bottom grid, between two grids of Redstone dust.
  • Place five Iron Ingots on the five left grids of the crafting station.

Then, you will get this convenient device for many purposes. It's an essential device in Update 1.21. So, learn to craft and use it to get prepared for the next update.

Autocrafter Minecraft
Auto Crafter is an essential device for crafting activity and survival in Minecraft.

III. How To Use Auto Crafter

Auto Crafter is a convenient device that is very useful in the hardcore and hard survival modes in which you have to survive every night. You have to attach a button to this device to press it for production.

You only have to gather materials and input them into the auto crafter according to the recipe, attach the button to the side of the device, and press that button. Then, you do not have to do any other actions but wait to collect the items.

Use Autocrafter
Use the Auto Crafter to make useful items for surviving, combating, and building in this game.

This new device helps you craft essential gear for survival in Minecraft, such as armor, blocks for building, and weapons for combat. Pro players and expert crafters will have many new designs and produce new amazing tools with the help of this automated crafter.

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