Trial Chambers is a new feature in Minecraft Update 1.21. It brings you into exciting exploration and combat challenges with many new additions. Let's check out all the new features in Minecraft Trial Chambers here.

#1. New Blocks

The new Trial Chambers of Minecraft 1.21 will introduce some new blocks, including new Tuff brick blocks and copper blocks. Minecraft introduced grey-green Tuff blocks that can spawn below y-level 0 now. Let's check out two types of blocks in the list of Minecraft blocks.

  • The upcoming Tuff blocks in Update 1.21 will appear on copper walls as decoration thanks to their good-looking geometric edges.
  • There can two more than two new copper blocks in the upcoming update, such as copper bulbs, copper copper grates, copper trap doors, and copper door blocks.

You can build fantastic industrial structures with these new blocks.

Minecraft Trial Chambers Blocks
There are many new blocks in the Trial Chambers of Minecraft 1.21.

#2. The Breeze

The Breeze is an upcoming mob in the new Trial Chambers. This brand-new hostile enemy can attack players by throwing windballs that hit and hurt you directly. Some wind burst attacks can open trapdoors or cause chaos.

Fortunately, you won't take damage when it explodes and blows away things around you. Besides, this boss-like mob is very nimble. It moves and jumps constantly to attack you from different directions.

Minecraft The Breeze
Get prepared to counter and defeat the Breeze in these chambers.

#3. Trial Spawners

Trial Spawner is another brand-new feature that works like traditional mob spawner blocks in Minecraft. You can guess the mobs to be released based on the surrounding blocks. Just get prepared and fight for your desire boss drops.

According to the hint in the Minecraft Live-stream, strays are expected to be the mobs to be summoned by the new Trial Spawners in the Trial Chambers. But it can be one of many hostile mobs coming out from this new exclusive spawner.

Minecraft Trial Chamber Spawner
The spawner in the upcoming challenge chambers will bring hostile bosses to the battle.

#4. Trial Chamber Loot

Minecraft players can also get lots of supply chests across the trial chamber. Check all narrow alcoves and large rooms to avoid missing any chests.

It's still unknown what you can obtain from these loot chests, but they are all worth exploring. Perhaps, you may get a rare weapon or ingredient for crafting from one of these loot chests.

Dont Ignore Loot Chests
Don't ignore loot chests in these new chambers.

#5. Copper Bulb

The brand-new copper bulbs will light up the path to the new trial chambers when you mine your way and explore these chambers. The copper bulb is one of many new copper blocks in this new type of challenge chamber in Minecraft 1.21. They look like redstone lamps built on the chamber’s halls.

However, these light sources can be easily oxidized when you may the way through the chamber. When the light gets dim due to the oxidation layer, use your axe to scrape away this oxidization layer or wax it with a honeycomb.

Copper Bulb
Scrape away the oxidation layer or wax the copper bulb to light up the chamber.

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