Honeycomb is a raw material in Minecraft that can be used to craft a beehive or honeycomb blocks. It’s stackable and renewable. Just like other raw materials, the only way to acquire this material is by getting it from nature.

If you want to craft a beehive, you will need 3 honeycombs while a honeycomb block requires 4 of them. Check out how to get honeycomb in Minecraft easily with some steps below!

Honeycomb In Minecraft 1
Honeycomb is a useful material that any players should get himself some

1. Spot out the bee nest locations

In fact, honeycomb can only be obtained from a bee nest or a beehive. So what is the difference between the two?

Beehives are artificially crafted with honeycomb and wood planks. It would be easier to collect the honeycomb from the beehive in case you have a few. Otherwise, you will need to go out and collect some from the bee nests!

Bee nests are made naturally by Minecraft bees. They are likely to spawn in Plains biomes, Sunflower plains biomes, or Flower forest biomes. It comes in the shape of a yellow and brown cube with small holes.

The chance is you can easily spot out a bee nest hanging on a big tree like a birch or oak tree. If the nest is full of honey, you can see drops of honey dripping over from the holes. It means that the nest is ready to harvest honey and honeycomb.

2. Get your shear ready

To get the honeycomb from the bee nest, you will need a cutting tool. It’s time to get your shears out from the hot bar. In case you haven’t got any, don’t worry as this tool can be crafted easily with a few steps right below:

  1. Open a 3z3 crafting grid from the Craft menu
  2. Add 2 iron ingots in the correct pattern:
  3. Once placing ingots in the right palace, shear will be crafted. All you need to do is to move the item to the inventory.
Honeycomb Drop
Harvesting honeycomb from the nest

3. Collect honey and honeycomb from the nest

You will need to approach closer to the nest to collect the honeycomb using your shears. Here is how do you u get honeycomb in Minecraft in a different version

  • For Minecraft Pocket edition: hold a tap on the nest
  • For Minecraft Java Edition / Education Edition: left click and hold
  • For Xbox One: press and hold the RT button
  • For PS4 controller: press and hold the R2 button
  • For Nintendo Switch: press and hold the ZR button

Make sure to hold the button/tap until seeing all of the three honeycombs coming out from the nest. That is the maximum amount of honeycomb you can get from the nest or hive. In case you need more than that, go searching for other nests that can be just nearby.

4. Harvest the honeycomb

After all of the honeycombs have been extracted from the nest, you will need to harvest these items as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will disappear shortly.

Once doing so, these items can be found on your hotbar. All you need to do is to store it in the inventory for later use.

Honeycomb In Minecraft 2
Setting up fire near the nest will prevent yourself from being stung while collecting the honeycomb

How to get honeycomb in Minecraft without being stung?

While it seems easy to collect the honeycomb from the nest, the biggest fear of Minecraft players when gathering honeycomb is being stung by the little bees. There is a small but helpful trick and by applying it, you can stay safe from the bees.

To avoid being stung by the bees, you need to set up a campfire and need the nest. The smoke will force the bees to flee away for a while. This makes you free to collect the honeycomb without being attacked by those aggressive tiny insects. However, make sure that you're not putting the fire too close to the nest as the heat might harm these little bees.

After successfully collecting enough honeycombs, you can use them to build your own beehive or honey block. Do not forget to grow some flowers nearby to attract the bee to the new house. There is a lot of useful applications for honey that you will want to have in your inventory.

Above is all you need to know about how to get honeycomb in Minecraft. Visit our website Gurugamer.com for more useful Minecraft guidelines as well as tips and tricks to improve your gameplay.

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