Minecraft is a popular sandbox game that enables players to do literally anything. The only limit to this game is your imagination. There have been players and YouTubers around the world who build incredible projects in Minecraft. From a whole medieval kingdom to a full-on 16-bit computer, the game never fails to surprise with endless possibilities. Even when it comes to "ending your life", there are also a plethora of things to try. Here are 30 ways to die in Minecraft.

You Die Minecraft
How many ways to die you can think of in Minecraft?

Before we start, we want to throw a disclaimer out there. You can actually find tons of ways to go in the world of Minecraft. Jumping off a cliff, take a dive into lava, or pick up a fight with the pig zombies,... However, it's not the only thing that our article today will cover. Besides the 30 dumb ways to die in Minecraft, you will also find an interesting map to play! Now, without further ado, let's jump right into it!

Dumb Ways to Die in Minecraft

All of the 30 ways to die featured in the following video are not the typical causes of death in Minecraft. Like normally, you get swarmed by zombies or a pack of Blazes throw fireballs at you. Most of the time, you go down in the glory of fierce combat. But these are totally different. Check out the dumbest 30 ways to die in Minecraft right here.

  • #1 Forget you're swimming in the ocean
  • #2 Just bad at using commands
  • #3 Bonemeal a sapling you're standing on
  • #4 Not mind where you're walking
  • #5 Try to hug a zombie
  • #6 Go on an extremely strict diet
  • #7Forget to wear your feather falling boots
  • #8 Bad use of Ender Pearl
  • #9 The terrible aim with a bow and arrow
  • #10 Missing every shot
  • #11 Bad at fighting
  • #12 Dynamite
  • #13 Insult the server owner
  • #14 Trust a friend to build a house for you
  • #15 Let your younger sibling play Minecraft with you
Dumb Ways To Die Minecraft Fall
Always watch where you're going in Minecraft
  • #16 Use pressure plates for your door
  • #17 Forget to bring torches when go out caving
  • #18 Ruin your whole Redstone system with water (kill you mentally)
  • #19 Try the new roller coaster system your friend tell you about
  • #20 Pick up sugar from a pig zombie
  • #21 Use fire to stay warm
  • #22 Drink the wrong potion
  • #23 Tell witches about their big noses
  • #24 Press the button on a stack of dynamite
  • #25 Press the button on a dispenser
  • #26 Just do not press any button
  • #27 Bad Internet connection
  • #28 Take a deep dive to visit the sea monsters
  • #29 Try to do a Redstone world
  • #30 Dumb traps
Dumb Ways To Die Minecraft Fire
And never let your younger siblings play in your server

30 Ways to Die in Minecraft Map

We hope you had fin with the last part of the article. Now, we'll take a look at a rather interesting map for Minecraft players. Out of all the maps and mods the community has designed for this game, this is by far one of the best. It's called "30 ways to die". Various YouTubers have had a wonderful time playing this map, which makes it even more popular. Let's dive deep into the video by Mythpath and learn more about the map.

30 Ways To Die Minecraft Level 23
Something awaits you here

30 Ways to Die in Minecraft Mythpath

The 30 Ways to Die map includes 30 levels, with a single goal: find a way to kill yourself. In this puzzle map, a single player must follow the instruction (press the "What to do" button) and use the provided materials to die to advance to the next level.

This Minecraft map features very simple rules, which means you don't have to worry much. Just remember to use the items provided in the chest only. You can not spawn any other items using commands. That's considered cheating. On top of that, whenever you feel like having no ideas what to do at a certain level, just press the "What to do" button.

30 Ways To Die Minecraft Maps
This is what the map looks like

The 30 Ways to Die in Minecraft Slogoman map is actually very fun to play. You'll be surprised by how many ways you can go out in the game. And fair warning, this map includes lava, poisons, wolves, and all kind of things that are deadly!

30 Ways to Die in Minecraft Download

If you want to download and try out the map yourself, please follow the steps below:

30 Ways To Die Minecraft Wolves
You can not run from the wolves

That concludes our guide into 30 Ways to Die in Minecraft. We hope you will have a wonderful time with this map! For more information, guides, and tips regarding gaming, visit our website at GuruGamer.com.