In Minecraft, an End Portal plays a vital role as a doorway from the Overworld to the End biome. So, how to make End Portal in Minecraft?

There are two ways to get an End Portal, one is finding a frame that is already assembled in Stronghold and the other is to build the one for yourself. Here introduce both ways for your reference.

1. How to make End Portal in Minecraft

In brief, to make an End Portal in Minecraft, players need to prepare Eyes of Ender and End Portal Frames then build a frame and put 11 Eyes of Ender to that frame to finish the process.

Below are detailed steps to make End Portal in Minecraft and Minecraft Pocket Edition regardless of survival or creative mode that you are using.

Prepare essential materials

You need two types of materials Minecraft to craft an End Portal, including Eyes of Ender and End Portal Frames. Before crafting the End Portal, Minecraft players need to create a Nether Portal to enter the Nether and find necessary ingredients. The main ingredient of this portal is obsidian. After arranging 18 blocks of obsidian in a 4x5 frame, you use the Flint and Steel to activate the Nether Portal.

12 Eyes Of Ender
Eyes of Ender can be found and crafted in the Nether

The Nether is often a dangerous place to explore in Minecraft. Thus, make sure that you prepare enough food, drinks, and weapon before entering it. The best choice for Nether explorer in this game is obviously enchanted diamond equipment. It keeps you safe in this place.

12 End Portal Frames
You will need 12 End Portal Frames and Eyes of Ender.

The End Portal Frames are only necessary when you’re making the End Portal frame on your own. Let's check out the guide on how to make End Portal in Minecraft creative below to know all the ways to get this item.

The fastest way to head to the End biome is to use the required materials above to build an End Portal yourself. We’ll show you how. Please keep in mind that the End Portal must be fabricated standing in one spot and the portal frames should be placed in a circle around you so that the Eyes of Ender would be facing the right direction to activate the portal.

Build the Frame

First of all, using 12 frames to make your End Portal. Just put 3 End Portal frames to build the first side of the portal.

Minecraft End Portal 1

After that, create the second side by pivoting to the right and placing three more frames. Make sure that the green tabs on the top of the frame are headed inwards. Or else, the End Portal will not work in the next steps.

Minecraft End Portal 2

Next, make the third and fourth sides of the portal in the same way.

Minecraft End Portal 3

Your task is complete only when your End Portal frames look like the picture below. You need to create a  square with a perimeter of 5x5 blocks. However, four corner blocks need to be removed.

Minecraft End Portal 4

Complete the End Portal

In order to finish crafting End Portal in Minecraft, players are required to add the Eyes of Ender to the frames.

You’re now standing in the portal center and need to place 11 Eyes of Ender inside 11 frame blocks. Do not add the 12th Eye of Ender; otherwise, you’ll activate the portal and move to the End biome. Instead, step outside the portal (or fly above it) to put the last one. Of note, Eyes of Ender facing the same direction towards the portal center is a must to activate the End Portal.

Minecraft End Portal 5

Eventually, you’ve successfully activated the End Portal in Minecraft and can get to the End biome to fight the Ender Dragon.

End Portal Minecraft Java Edition
End Portal in Minecraft Java Edition

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How to make End Portal in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

The End Portal in different editions of Minecraft is not very different. The recipes to craft End Portal in Minecraft Java Edition or Pocket Edition are the same. Therefore, you don't need to learn any new recipe when switching from the PC version to the pocket edition.

*In PE, the Eye of Ender’s white dot must face inwards the portal center.

how to make the end portal in minecraft pe
How to make End Portal in Minecraft Pocket Edition

2. How to find End Portal in Stronghold

If you do not want to make the End Portal in Minecraft with Scratch and prefer a more traditional way, look for an available portal frame in a Stronghold. After doing this, at least 10 Eyes of Ender are essential to find the Stronghold and make the portal activate.

Check out the detailed guide on how to find End Portal in Stronghold below.

Find the Stronghold

To find the Stronghold in Minecraft, you have to use an Eye of Ender at first. Select one in your hot bar and throw it to the air, then see where it heads to. Depending on specific Minecraft versions, players can throw the Eye of Ender in a number of ways as follows:

Minecraft versions Game Controls
Minecraft Education Edition Right-click
Minecraft Java Edition Right-click
Nintendo Switch Press the ZL button on the controller
Minecraft Pocket Edition Tap anywhere you want
PS3 and PS4 Press the L2 button on the controller
Wii U Press the ZL button on the gamepad
Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Right-click
Xbox 360 and Xbox One Press the LT button on the controller
Minecraft End Portal 6
You can see the Eye of Ender floating up in the air.

The Eye of Ender will float up in the air before hitting the ground. That is the direction players should follow to find the Stronghold. In case it does not break, simply pick it up and throw it again until it hovers over one spot.

A handful tip for you: Fly up in the sky to have a better look of the Eye of Ender if you’re in Creative mode.

Minecraft End Portal 7
You should fly to spot the Eye of Ender easier.

Dig straight down at the location the Eye of Ender drops to till you find the Stronghold. Be patient since it would take you some effort.

Minecraft End Portal 8
Be patient and dig straight down to get the "treasure".

Once you spot the “treasure”, travel through the hallways to look for the End Portal which has not been activated yet.

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Complete the End Portal

Like the 1st method of crafting an End Portal from scratch, here players also need to place 12 Eyes of Ender to complete the End Portal. The End Portal will be activated as soon as you place the last Eye of Ender. Ultimately, you can go through it to get to the End. Good luck!

These are the best ways with full guides on how to make End Portal in Minecraft Survival. Follow these steps and you will get the item you want.

3. How to use End Portal in Minecraft

When you have got an End Portal, do a right-click at the end portal frame. Make sure that all frames face towards the center. You can create this portal in a flat world of Minecraft. As the name of this item, End Portal is a magical frame that lets you go to the end when stepping through it. You can go from the Overworld to the End biome in one step only.

Use An End Portal
Step through the end portal and you will go to the end biomes right away.

Those are all about the End Portal as well as a completed guide on how to make End Portal in Minecraft. Collect and prepare all required ingredients to craft it.

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