Minecraft is the most popular sandbox game in the world with limitless possibility for players to create anything.

However, Minecraft also has a Survival mode, which is actually the default mode of Minecraft now. The mode is for players who want to have a goal to work toward, especially those in love with speedrunning. You pretty much beat the Survival mode in Minecraft when you defeat the Ender Dragon but the important thing is how fast you can do so.

In this article, we are going to find out what is the fastest Minecraft Speedrun in the world.

Ender Dragon Minecraft
You beat Minecraft when you kill the Ender Dragon.

About Speedrunning Minecraft

Speedrunning in the Survival Mode in Minecraft is quite a challenge when you have to kill the Ender Dragon as fast as possible to end the game. Generally, it will generally take you a few dozen hours to defeat the mode, that is if you actually can survive. However, for people who have spent thousands of hours into this game, it is just like a walk in the park during their speedrun.

For the world record, players will have to play in a random seed so they can't map out their move first. Speedrunners will have to depend on their instinct and experience to make the most of what they have.

Of course, luck also another important factor that can contribute to their results. For example, having a good spawn at the beginning of the game can save them a ton of time.

What is the fastest Minecraft Speedrun in the world?

1. Brentilda Speedrun (9m 36s)

Brentilda, a player from Scotland, is holding world record for the fastest Minecraft speedrun in Any% glitchless speedrun with a random seed. He recorded a run with only 9 minutes 36 seconds. He made it just last month on April 20. Considering how big the Minecraft community currently is right now, it won't take too long until another speedrunner break this record.

2. TheeSizzler Speedrun (11m 7s)

TheeSizzler Speedrun, a Canadian Minecraft player, holds second place for the world record in the Any% glitchless speedrun with a random seed. It took him 11 minutes 7 seconds to complete the whole run and kill the Ender Dragon. Even more impressive, TheeSizzler achieved this record in Normal mode instead of Easy mode like other people.

TheeSizzler is a really active Minecraft Speedrunner and we might see him holding the world record in the future.

3. fe666 Speedrun (11m 50s)

fe666 is a Minecraft player from Hungary, who completed a Minecraft Any% glitchless speedrun with a random seed in 11 minutes 50 seconds. With this result, he is always among top fastest Minecraft speedrunners in the world at present.

Surprisingly, such popular Minecraft Youtuber as Technoblade does not rank in this list of world's fastest speedrunners.

How to Speedrun Minecraft

There are 2 kinds of Speedrun in Minecraft, Any% Speedrun and Any% Glitchless Speedrun.

  • In Any% Speedrun, you can use whatever to complete the game, including bugs and glitches. As long as you kill the Ender Dragon.
  • In Any% Glitchless Speedrun, you cannot use bugs and glitches

As for the map, speedrunners must use a randomly generated seed instead of a set seed.

When you enter the randomly generated world, you will need to create your own tools such as a stone sword, shovel, ax, and pickaxe. The next part after this will depend a lot on your luck, which is essential in any world record speedrun.

Minecraft Tools
You first need to have some basic tools in Minecraft speedrunning.

You need to find a village or a desert temple. These places are the most crucial part of your Speedrun.

Find the desert temple

If you find a desert temple, you can dig down to find a treasure room. Remember to destroy the pressure plate so you don't get killed by the TNT. Take everything you need from the treasure chest, especially Gold and Iron.

Excavated Desert Temple
Desert Temple Minecraft

Find a village

As soon as you can find a village, make as much bread hay as possible because it's your main food during the Speedrun. You will need around 30 pieces of bread.

Now collect all the villager's beds as they will be your tools to kill the Ender Dragon quickly.

Minecraft Village
Minecraft Village

Create Nether portal

Use your iron to make a bucket and a flint and steel. You can make a nether portal easily using water and lava buckets. Check out the video below.

Collect blaze rods and ender pearls

Two things you need to find here are the blaze rods and ender pearls. You can get blaze rods by killing blazes in a fortress in the nether. You need at least 7 blaze rods.

Now find piglins to trade your gold for twelve ender pearls. Once you are done, get out of the nether using the portal.

Travel to the stronghold

Craft your eyes of ender and throw it up so it leads you to the stronghold. Along the way, kill chickens to get feathers. When you need the stronghold, collect cobwebs in the library to make a bow. Use feathers to make arrows.

Coweb Ins Tronghold
Find coweb to make arrow

Kill Ender dragon

Use your bow and arrow to destroy all the crystals. When the Ender dragon lands, attack him with your sword. When the dragon is about to fly away, place a bed down. Place a block between you and the bed and interact with the bed. It will create an explosion that deals massive damage to the dragon. Repeat it a few times and the dragon will be dead.

Ender Dragon Dies
Take down the Ender Dragon

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