Minecraft is a gigantic game and does not have any end. However, most players agree that killing the ender dragon and entering the exit portal is the nearest to an "ending" the game has. With this in mind, a new type of playthrough has been created revolving around beating the Ender dragon as fast as possible: Speedrunning.

While some resort to using Minecraft speedrun seeds to gain an early advantage in the game, others want to experience a fresh gameplay without supporting tools. If you are of the second group, here the best beginner tips to speedrun in Minecraft.

1 - Multitask on Day One

Most speedruns are done on random worlds instead of customized ones. Therefore, the first day is very important, as players need to maximize the amount of resources they can collect in their spawn vicinity.

Try to multitask as much as possible on the first day, such as cooking food or smelting iron while mining for more. Wood, stone, iron and food are the most important resources - the more you gather, the easier the run would be later on.

If you want to become a streamer, finding out how to speedrun in Minecraft is important.

2 - Find lava

Players need to create a Nether Portal to get access to the Nether and beat the Ender Dragon. However, you need obsidian for that, and it is the hardest material in the game - there is no time to find and mine it in a speedrun.

The only way to get obsidian to create a nether portal is to create them using lava and water. Dig down or move around to find a lava pool. Afterward, dig out a frame for the nether portal, scoop up lava and place it next to the water to make obsidian. Keep adding lava until you have the 10 obsidian blocks in place to make the portal.

Lava is crucial for speedrun in Minecraft.

3 - Hunt Endermen

Players need ender pearls to craft ender eyes, which in turn allows them to locate Strongholds that contain End Portal. Only by entering those portals could you access the End to fight an Ender Dragon. Because of this, farming for Ender Pearls is very important in speedruns.

Overall, players can farm endermen in the Nether. This is the easiest way, as they spawn a lot in the location and there are no other mobs to distract you. Alternatively, players can ride around on horses in the desert at night to find endermen. Just remember that you also need the blaze rods from blazes to craft an ender eye.

Ender Man
Killing them is the only way to acquire Ender Eyes.

4 - Get a shield

Players usually forgo using a shield, but this item is essential in beating the game quickly. It's also a must-have for the fastest Minecraft speedrun in the world. After all, death is the biggest waste of time. It is fairly easy to craft one - you only need six pieces of wood and a single iron ingot.

Shields are crucial in dealing with Blazes and their fireballs. They are one of the mobs you need to kill in order to get blaze rods, and their range attacks are really annoying. Dying in the Nether is one of the easiest ways to ruin a speedrun in Minecraft, so it is best to get a shield prior.

Getting a shield makes Speedrun in Minecraft much easier.

5 - How to kill the Ender Dragon in Speedruns

You need to clear out the end crystals with a projectile weapon first, as it is super hard to kill the Ender Dragon without destroying them. Afterward, you can either use one of these tricks:

  • Wait until the ender dragon is perched on the exit end portal and jumping to get critical hits.
  • Critical hits will kill the ender dragon in 3-4 perches.
  • Use a stone axe, as it deals more damage than both diamond and netherite swords. Diamonds and Netherite gears are not always easy to find, and are not worth the hassle when speedrunning Minecraft.
Stone Axe
While the Stone Axe is much slower than swords, its high damage is perfect for this task.

There's another way to beat the Ender Dragon in speedruns. These are detailed steps to do it:

  • Collect as many beds as possible
  • Wait for the dragon to make its way down to the pit in the middle of the battleground
  • Stand in the bedrock pit where it perches and place the bed under its head
  • Place a block between the bed and the pit to create a barrier
  • Try to sleep in the bed.

This glitch will cause the dragon to explode. Remember that doing this incorrectly could kill you and end your run, therefore it might require some practice.

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