Chickens are as basic as things get when it comes to mobs in Minecraft. These passive mobs make a great source of meat, eggs for baking, feathers for arrows, and companionship if you're lonely. Chickens in Minecraft are one of a few mobs that still roam the game since day one. But do you know everything there is about chickens in Minecraft? Let's check out the following 5 lesser-known facts about them.

Minecraft Chicken
Here's what you may not know about this guy.

#5. Chickens In Minecraft Have A Diamond Form

As part of an April Fools joke, Minecraft developers released Minecraft 2 on 1 April 2013. For the most part, it looked similar to the normal version. However, there were still many strange features within it, such as diamond chickens.

Diamond chickens were just the same as regular chickens, but with the color of Diamond instead of white. They were very rare to find, even harder than the rarest mobs in Minecraft, and pooped out diamonds and lapis lazuli.

Diamond Chicken
You can actually find mods/add-on to meet this Diamond chicken.

#4. Chickens Are Immune To Fall Damage

Yes, chickens will not take any damage from falling, no matter the height. This has been in Minecraft since the Java Alpha versions. When you push them off a cliff or force them to drop, chickens will simply flap their wings and fall slowly to the ground.

Minecraft Chickens Army
Chickens will not take damage from falling.

#3 Foxes, Ocelots, And Untamed Cats Love Chicken

Certain aspects of Minecraft are really life-like. Mojang tries to implement the laws of nature as well as the natural behaviors of mobs into the game. According to this rule, chickens often fall prey to foxes, ocelots, and untamed cats. Due to this, players have to keep these animals away from their chickens. Untamed cats attack chickens only in the Java Edition.

Minecraft Chickens Model
Get your chicken away from the mobs mentioned here.

#2. One Chicken Egg Can Spawn 4 New Chicks

Like real-life chickens, Minecraft chickens also lay eggs. Usually, chicken eggs have a chance to spawn one baby chicken. However, one out of every 256 eggs can spawn four baby chickens instead of one.

#1 Chickens Spawns In The Nether

Chickens can spawn in the Nether realm in the form of jockeys. Zombified baby piglins can often be found riding chickens. If you build a gold farm down in the Nether, you may have noticed some chicken meat on the farms. It's because the chicken dies while standing on the magma floor.

Minecraft Chickens Four
It's rare, but it does happen!

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