For most players, the cave spider is just another pest in the game. They find this annoying mob having absolutely no use but to poison them. However, that is not true. When utilized correctly, the Cave Spiders can be very beneficial to your survival in Minecraft. Here's how!

Cave Spiders Look
Here's how Cave Spiders look!

How To Use Spiders In Minecraft

Cave Spider is a variant of your normal Spider in Minecraft. But contrary to the normal ones which spawn literally everywhere, the Cave Spider only spawn in abandoned mineshafts.

So, to locate these lovely cave spiders, you will need to find some mineshafts in your Minecraft world. Once you've found them, it's time for the exploit.

There is more than just one mineshaft in your Overworld, scattering the underground. Go down there and you shall find Cave Spider spawn from spawners found in small tunnels filled with cobwebs. You can use a sword to cut the cobwebs and obtain string. Since the whole tunnel is full of cobwebs, you can stock up on a bunch of string. That's the first benefit.

Cave Spiders Compare
The Cave Spider is much more dangerous.

When you find the spawner, take advantage of it! If it isn't blocked by light, the spawner will continue to spawn Cave Spider. With a little effort, you can set up an efficient mob farm utilizing the spawner. If built correctly, this farm will provide players with an endless supply of string, spider eyes, and XP. It's also one of the easiest EXP farm ideas in Minecraft for beginners.

Cave Spiders Spawner
Locate the spawner and use it to your advantage.

How To Build A Cave Spider Farm

Minecraft builders have created tons of different mob spawner designs, but some are more efficient than others. Building a mob farm is safer and more efficient than just killing the spiders as they spawn.

This YouTube video by Shulkercraft showcases an easy and effective cave spider farm. You're safe from the poison and use water to lure the Cave Spiders into the trap. Once killed, the mob will drop its items, which are sucked into a hopper and sent into a chest. The XP will also drop, adding directly to your XP bar.

This is an extremely cheap and efficient mob farm that provides tons of XP per minute. A mob farm is by far the best benefit that cave spiders provide in Minecraft.

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